Homemade chebureks, a recipe for cooking

Chebureks - a dish from the kitchen of the Crimean Tatars,are a kind of pies with meat stuffing. Distinguishes them from other baking fresh unleavened dough and juicy, well seasoned stuffing. At the same time, the taste of homemade chebureks differs significantly from purchased ones, including, one can be confident in the quality of the products from which they are made. Despite the fact that making chebureks is rather troublesome and takes this sufficient amount of time, the result will turn out to be stunning, especially for fans of this baking.

For the filling is most often mixed in equal partspork and ground beef. Tatars traditionally prefer to use lamb. Add spices, salt, black pepper, chopped onions, chopped parsley and dill. In order for the meat to yield juice as a result of frying and, accordingly, become more gentle, it is necessary to dilute the resulting stuffing with water, milk or kefir to the consistency of liquid sour cream.

It should be noted that the dough on the chebureks recipecooking can have a different. Some mistresses use their tricks to make it more crunchy and juicy, for example, add a small amount of vodka or vegetable oil. Prepare it for yogurt, milk, water.

For example, to make chebureks, a recipepreparations can be as follows. Gorka poured a half kilo of flour into the bowl, in the center a depression is made, where the water is gently poured in (so that it feels comfortable to mix). You can replace it with mineral water, then the dough will have a more gentle taste. Dough is carefully kneaded, a half teaspoon of salt is poured into it, a little vegetable oil is poured. The result should be a tight dough. It is divided into several circles, each of which is rolled out as thin as possible, the filling is put in the middle, the edges are spliced ​​(you can use special tools for modeling chebureks). As a result, you should get a patty, which has a semi-circular shape with patterned edges.

Then the preparation of chebureks will be as follows. In warmed up sunflower oil, the products are alternately lowered and fried on both sides for several minutes until golden colored. The unbaked dough in the chebureks should not be. If they are properly prepared and the edges are well-lapped, then all the juice that lets the meat during frying stay inside, and the baking itself will be slightly inflated (after it is removed from the fire, the edges will fall off, but inside there will be a juicy and flavorful filling) .

Also making a dough on chebureks, a recipecooking can take this. A glass of kefir is heated on a small fire, poured into a deep bowl. In it is added an egg, a pinch of salt, everything is mixed and gradually flour is poured. Also, you can pour in 25 grams of vodka, this will make the dough more crispy after frying. The dough should turn out to be steep. It is covered with a towel and left for half an hour at room temperature. After that, it is divided into equal parts, of which the chebureks are molded.

Some people prefer to make chebureks, a recipepreparation of which involves a custard batter. To do this, a glass of water with a tablespoon of sunflower oil boils. To them at once half a glass of flour is added, it is well mixed, the mixture is left to cool. After this, put here a raw egg and the remaining flour. The resulting dough is left for a couple of hours at room temperature, then it is cut into small pieces that are rolled out in thin layers, and the inside is filled. Chebureks are frying over medium heat. You can use a fryer. It is better to replace the oil periodically, otherwise the burnt flour, which will be in it, can give smoke and an unpleasant smell.

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