The best place in Yaroslavl is "Dudki Bar": a brief overview of the establishment

One of the most famous entertainment venuesYaroslavl "Dudki Bar" began its work back in 2010. Since then and to the present time this institution collects in its address a lot of admiring reviews from its guests. So, what is so remarkable about this institution? The answer to this question can be sought by considering the advantages of the bar. First of all, it's a delicious cuisine. Some visitors are attracted by the level of service typical of this institution, and some residents of the city of Yaroslavl in "Dudki Bar" walk because they like the style of the interior.

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If we talk about the interior of the institution in general, thenyou can note unobtrusiveness. For visitors, there is a lot of convenient places for sitting. Here the walls are made in green and brown colors. Guests who come can sit on large leather sofas of green with a wooden frame.

The whole ease of the general atmosphere is alsoemphasizes the manner of communication between the waiters - she is light, friendly. And indeed all the staff of this institution can attract guests with one friendly attitude to the client.

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Eastern and European dishes are readyinvite every guest "Dudki Bar" in Yaroslavl. The menu of this institution perfectly combines desserts, an excellent and varied grill menu, world-famous classic dishes and firm, invented by the chefs "Dudki Bar" in person.

Throughout Yaroslavl, "Dudki Bar" is the onlyThe institution where the zoshi axes are prepared is a new kind of sushi, and in different variations (with salmon and shrimp, with eel, with shrimp). Oriental cuisine here is also represented by classic sushi and rolls.

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From salads in "Dudki Bar" can offerclassic "Caesar" in several of its variations, "Greek" salad, warm with veal tongue, spicy "French", as well as corporate with caramelized shrimps.

In the menu there are a number of cold (salmonown salting, cheese assortment, vegetable slicing, assorted home-made pickles) and hot (draniki, chicken wings with "Blue Cheese" sauce, "Kesadiyya" flat cakes, toasts with garlic) snacks. There is a good assortment of first courses (Tom Yam, Serbian hodgepodge, Belgian creamy soup "Watersoy") and hot dishes (Milanese fillet, chum salmon fillet with potato pancake, stewed beef "Ossobukko").

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For lovers of American fast food in the menuThere are a number of tasty juicy burgers (from chopped beef, "Vezhdiburger", with spicy pork), and lovers of Italian cuisine can be pampered with pasta ("Tagliatelli" with beef, "Fetuccini" and "Carbonara") and pizza.

If you look at the page with dishes "grill", thenthere is also a lot of interesting positions. For example, in "Dudki Bar" prepare juicy steaks (from pork, "Ribay"), lyulya-kebab, lamb rack, shish kebab from different types of meat).

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Sweet dishes that are prepared in the institution"Dudki Bar", made in a separate menu, in which you can find caramelized crepes "Crepe de Lys", chocolate cake "Louisiana", classic cake "Red Velvet", as well as a wide range of fruits.

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The bar is represented by a number ofbeverages. Alcoholic drinks are made in two separate cards - in one of them wine is presented, and in the other vodka, cognac, liquor, gin, tequila, rum, whiskey, brandy and beer. From soft drinks in the institution you can order lemonades, freshly squeezed juice, mors, tea and coffee.

For lovers of bright drinks, barmen canto create excellent cocktails, among which the most frequent demand is: "Daiquiri", "Pina Colada", "Martinez", "Long Island", "Cosmopolitan". There are also a number of author's, branded cocktails, which you can try only in "Dudki Bar": "Drunken Fly", "Dudki Spitzer", "Ray of Glory", "102nd", "Samurai Tea".

For fans of large volumes, the institution can offer maxi-volume - liter cocktails.

Additional Information

Due to the fact that within the walls of the institution, asAs a rule, a large number of visitors gather, the administration strongly recommends booking tables beforehand before going to Dudki Bar (Yaroslavl). The phone on which you can do this is on the official website of the bar. This must be done if there are plans to visit the restaurant on the weekend - that's when noisy parties are held in "Dudki Bar", which attract the largest number of guests, compared to ordinary, weekdays.

noisy bar jaroslavl party

If guests come to the "Dudki Bar" accompanied bysmall children, the animator, who is in the state of the institution, will surely take care of them. For toddlers there are some entertainments in the form of drawing with pencils and coloring. However, it should be remembered that the animator is in the institution only from 13-00 to 17-00. In the warm season, a summer playground opens in the institution, where there is a separate children's playground, where children have fun - this is another reason to take your child with them to Dudki Bar in Yaroslavl.

Address of the institution and mode of operation

"Dudki Bar" is ready to receive guests every day,from noon to 2 am (Monday to Thursday), and on weekends the bar closes at 7 am, so this is a great place for a night time.

The institution is located at: Yaroslavl, ul. Sobinova, 33.

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