How to use Karelian balsams. Karelian balsam: prices

Today we will tell you about what Karelian balms are, what their cost is, and how they should be properly consumed.

Karelian balms

General information about the drink from Karelia

Karelian balsams are alcoholic beverages, produced by the distillery "Petrovsky" (OJSC "Rosspirtprom"), located in the Republic of Karelia, in Petrozavodsk.

Appearance and composition of the product

Karelian balsams are quite strongdrinks (alcohol content 45%). They include an infusion of 30 different types of herbs, berries and roots, which are recommended for therapeutic purposes by the Ministry of Health. Among other things, the composition of this drink includes natural mineral water.

The taste of the presented balm is bitterish, the color is brown with a red tinge, and the aroma is peculiar and complex. On sale, it comes in a glass bottle with a volume of 0.5 and 0.25 liters.

The cost of a drink

How much does Karelian balm cost? Prices of this drink can vary significantly depending on the region where it is sold. On average, half a liter of this balm costs about 600 Russian rubles.

Karelian balsam: how to use?

Despite the fact that the presented balsam is a strong alcohol, it refers to drinks that are used for tonic and medicinal purposes.

In order for it to have a healthy effect on your body, it must be properly drunk.

Karelian balm prices

So, for the preparation of such a remedy we need one of the following drinks:

  • Cherry juice;
  • black hot tea;
  • strong coffee and so on.

So how to drink Karelian balm? In view of the fact that this drink contains about 45% alcohol, it is not recommended to consume more than 140 ml per day. To drink such balm follows small liqueur wine glasses. In addition, it can be safely added to freshly made coffee or hot strong tea. In this case, one cup should have one dessert spoon of alcohol.

If you drink this way, it will definitely have a positive effect on your immune system, increase your tone and raise your spirits.

It should also be noted that therapeutic KarelianBalsams are often added to various home-made cocktails, enhancing their effect and flavoring drinks. One can not but note the fact that the use of this drink during the preparation of desserts (creams, ice cream, cake, mousses) in the amount of 2 small spoons positively affects their flavor and taste.

Recipes of tasty therapeutic cocktails

If you do not want to use this balm together with regular tea or coffee, we recommend using one of the methods below for preparing a therapeutic cocktail.

Karelian balsam as to use

  1. Cocktail "Fast". In 100 ml of cherry juice pour 25 ml of balsam and drink in small sips (daily for 1 glass for 7 days).
  2. Drink "Antigrippin". Add 50 ml of Karelian alcohol to a full glass of cranberry mors (preferably hot). The resulting drink should be drunk in small sips before going to bed, and then wrapped in a blanket.
  3. Cocktail «For the Beloved». In a hot, hard-boiled real coffee, pour 50 ml of Karelian balsam, and then add fried, crushed walnuts. If there is a desire, then in the same bowl you can additionally pour and not very fatty cream.
  4. "New Year" cocktail. Mix 2 liters of tonic and a half liter of balsam, and then add to the resulting drink a few slices of lemon and crushed ice.
  5. Drink "Little Red Riding Hood". In the tincture "Cranberry Onega" (3/4 cup), add 2 small spoons of balsam and a few drops of fresh orange juice (press directly from the citrus fruit).
  6. Tea drink. In black cold tea (130 ml), add a dessert spoon of balsam, 40 ml of blueberry juice and crushed ice.
  7. Cocktail "Champagne". White dry champagne in the amount of 200 ml should be mixed with Karelian balsam (2 dessert spoons) and a slice of lemon. This drink is perfect for a New Year's table.
    how to drink Karelian balsam
  8. A strong cocktail "Slaughter force". 50 ml of vodka "Petrovskaya Sloboda" should be mixed with the same amount of Karelian balsam.
  9. Drink "Petrozavodsk". Vodka "Karelia" in the amount of 50 ml should be mixed with tincture "Rowan on brandy" (15 ml) and Karelian balsam (5 ml). After that, to the resulting cocktail, you need to add lemon peel and ice.
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