Delicious homemade billets: apples with cabbage

Apples and cabbage are two products that are quitesuccessfully combined. In Slavic cuisine, they are a must for components of various vegetable dishes, as well as home-made preparations. We will discuss some of them.

apples soaked with cabbage

Apples with anise

Usually, apples are cooked with cabbage. The simplest recipe looks like this. Chop thin cabbage strips (about 10 kg). Use winter varieties for harvesting. The leaves in such heads are denser and, after leaven, retain their elasticity and crunchiness better. Thin slices cut apples (3 kg or slightly more). Soaked in brine traditionally healthy, strong specimens of anisovki, antonovki, simirenko. Jonathan is also suitable. Add anise (seeds, gram 50). To make apples with cabbage taste better, salt (200 g) use the usual. Stir all the ingredients, pour the fragrant pepper. Put in the dishes for salting, put the opium on top and put it in a cold place. The resulting salad, when the ingredients are squashed, is very tasty and aromatic.

soaked apples with cabbage

Assorted apple-vegetable with berries

Original and no less delicious are obtainedapples are soaked with cabbage, if you add to them the brushes of grapes, plums and special spices. The consumption of products looks like this. 10 kg of cabbage requires 2-3 kg of apples, a kilogram of plums and grapes, a bunch of twigs with leaves from cherries (pieces 20-25) and salt - 250-260 grams. How to combine all this and what will come out as a result? Cabbage can simply cut the head into 5-6 parts. The nuance of this workpiece is that the components must be cut large. The apples (soaked with cabbage afterwards) are divided into quarters, the seeds do not take out. Plums, too, divide only into halves, remove the bones. Wash grapes well. All ingredients are placed in a bowl, add salt, gently mix. Now do this: lay cherry on the bottom of the keg or pots. Do not spare the twigs, let them be 2 layers, so it is required by prescription. On them, spread the apples with cabbage and berries. Above again the same cherry. Press the pickle with a yoke, take it out into a cool room. After 2 weeks, your soaked apples with cabbage in the fruit and berry pickle are ready!

Apples sweet and sour wetted

soaked apples in a cabbage recipe
And finally, if you want to cook pickles inclassic form, without additional ingredients, proceed as follows. As in the previous recipe, cut cabbage heads into large pieces. Apples - 6 parts, with seeds. Wrap the two ingredients together in a keg or pan. To make you get more delicious wetted apples in cabbage, the recipe recommends using spices of mint as seasoning. The products are filled with boiling brine (25 g of salt and 100 - sugar are taken for each liter of water). Carefully close the lid and put it in a cool place. When the salting is ready, you will be pleasantly surprised by its remarkable taste qualities! By the way, it can and diversify, if the ingredients include red beets, which should be cleaned and cut into thin circles, and carrots (do likewise). But leave the composition of marinade the same, it is quite suitable for these vegetables.

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