Interesting ideas on how to decorate cakes

As the culinary practice shows, it is not enough to bakea tasty cake, he also needs to give the original "commodity" look to please his family and friends. And if the recipes for delicious desserts are full of all sorts of culinary magazines, then how to decorate cakes in an unusual way, few recommend.

In fact, to decorate the cake, enoughinclude fantasy. To date, many supermarkets sell ready-made figures and flowers from marzipan, which are nicely placed on the cake. Well, in case you want to make a cake with your own hands unique and original, then boldly start creativity.

Chocolate ways of decorating cakes

  1. "Chocolate Petals"

It is not difficult to make at homerose petals made of chocolate. For this, it is necessary to melt a bitter chocolate bar on a water bath and dip a living rose petal in it. After the chocolate has solidified, it is worth removing carefully from the petal and you can make a rose. In the same way you can make chocolate leaves for roses.

  1. "Shavings"

One of the easiest ways to decoratecakes is chocolate chips. To do this, simply grate the chocolate bar and sprinkle the surface of the cake. Diversify this type of decoration can be different grades of chocolate, which are rubbed on a different size graters. For example, black chocolate on the smallest, milky on average, and white on large.

  1. Lace

This is one of the original and elegant jewelryfor homemade cakes and desserts. But to make a "lace" yourself, you need a tile of pure chocolate, that is, without impurities (raisins and nuts) and a culinary syringe. Melt the chocolate, pour into the syringe and on the sheet of baking paper, apply a pattern. Allow it to dry, and it's safe to decorate desserts and cakes.

  1. "Curls"

Aerial and unusual decoration with chocolate"Curls" is very easy to implement. To do this, take a hard, but not frozen chocolate bar and use a sharp knife to plan long shavings. The longer the shavings, the more spectacular it looks.

How to decorate a cake at home with icing

Glaze is the most traditional decorationconfectionery products. And it is clear desire of owners, to decorate your masterpiece with glaze. First, beat 120gr of soft butter with a mixer until lush. In a cup, dilute in a small amount of water half a teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of vanilla, add this mixture to the butter, continuously whipping.

Continue to beat, add a little sugar powder (450 grams), and then a teaspoon of milk (only 5 teaspoons). Whisk until a smooth, thick paste is applied to the surface and edges of the cake.

Glazes can be given beautiful shades with the help ofnatural dyes. For example, pink color glaze will acquire, if you add a little beet juice. Yellow-lemon shade you will achieve if you add a few teaspoons of orange juice. The orange color of the glaze will help carrot juice.

How to decorate cakes with fresh flowers

Culinary specialists have long been using live flowers, as the most original decoration for cakes and pastries. Do you like this idea? Then it is worth trying and this way, how to decorate cakes.

Naturally, flowers though natural, but allthey are sugared, then they will not only be beautiful, but also edible. For this, daisies, roses, pansies, violas, apple, cherry, acacia will suit. Yes, in principle, many flowers can be used, include your imagination.

In cooking, there are two methods of sugar candling. In the first case, gum arabic is used, in the second - the egg protein.

  1. Flowers and fragrant leaves (melissa, mint), whichsugar-coated with gum arabic, stored for several months. To do this, heat 50 g of water in a water bath, add gum arabic (12 grams) and, once it is dissolved, remove from heat. In another bowl, prepare the sugar syrup from 50 grams of water and sugar (100 grams). On the petals of flowers, apply a brush first gum arabic, then sugar syrup and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Allow the flowers to dry. You can decorate cakes.
  2. Flowers and leaves, sugared with eggprotein, look much more natural and elegant. They are stored in sealed containers. Whisk the egg white protein into a thick foam and cover the flower petals with a brush, then sprinkle it with sugar powder using a strainer. Allow to dry and you can proceed with the decorating process.
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