Baking with poppy seeds. Rolls, biscuits, buns with poppy seeds: recipes, photos

Baking with poppy seeds is more popularamong sweets, than other flour products. This is due, first of all, to the taste qualities of poppy seeds. They give dessert a special flavor, making it unique and very tasty.

poppy filling for rolls

Cooking a cake with poppy seeds

Do this dessert is recommended from biscuitbasis. Firstly, it is rather quickly mixed and baked in the oven, and, secondly, it produces a very soft and lush cake, which in the future can easily be cut in half.

So, home cake with poppy seeds requires the use of the following products:

  • eggs medium chicken rustic - 4 pcs .;
  • flour high-grade wheat - full glass;
  • medium-sized sugar-sand - a full glass;
  • poppy seeds dry - 2/3 cup;
  • any deodorized oil - for lubricating the mold;
  • soda food + apple table vinegar - on a small spoon.

Preparation of the dough

Any pastry with poppy seeds turns out very tasty andfragrant. And to prepare such a dessert at home, you need to mix the foundation in advance. To do this, small eggs need to be beaten very strongly with a mixer, and then add small sugar, dry poppy seeds, food soda, extinguished with vinegar, and wheat light flour to them. As a result, you should get a homogeneous mass in speckles of consistency of thick sour cream.

baking with poppy seeds

Process of formation and heat treatment

Biscuit baking with poppy seeds does not require longheat treatment. And before placing the kneaded dough in the oven, it should be carefully poured into a special form, pre-lubricated with vegetable fat.

Prepare a thick biscuit cake in a heated cabinet preferably for 65 minutes. After this, it must be removed from the mold and cooled in the cold air.

Form and decorate the cake

After that the poppy biscuit will cool down, itsit is necessary to cut into two cakes, and then to smear sour cream or any other cream. On top of the dessert it is desirable to cover beautifully with whipped cream and sprinkle a little poppy. In a cut, this homemade delicacy will look very nice.

Correct feed to tea

Having formed a poppy cake, it is necessaryplace in the refrigerator and hold it for about 3 hours. Next, dessert is cut into triangular pieces and spread over flat saucers. It is desirable to present such a delicacy to household members together with strong and hot tea.

biscuits with poppy recipe

Tasty buns with poppy seeds: photo and dessert recipe

If you do not want to make a birthday cake using poppy seeds, then you can bake delicious buns. For them, we need a yeast base. To mix it, you need to purchase it in advance:

  • milk store high fat content - about 700 ml per dough and a glass in the filling;
  • sugar-1 large spoon in a dough and 2/3 cups in a filling;
  • standard chicken egg rustic - 1 pc .;
  • poppy seeds - a full glass;
  • any culinary fat - a full packet or 180 g;
  • yeast in the form of granules of high-speed - a full dessert spoon;
  • flour high-grade light - from 600 g (apply at discretion);
  • salt sea - a small pinch.

Preparation of the basis

Baking with poppy can be different. But if you decide to make lush and soft buns, then you should only knead yeast dough. After all, only from it you will get a very tasty and high-calorie dessert.

recipe for pies with poppy seeds

So, for the preparation of an odorous base,preheat shop milk on low heat, and then completely dissolve sugar in it. Further to the liquid mass, it is required to add the yeast in the granules (dry, fast-acting) and wait for ¼ hour until they swell. After that, the base should be sprinkled with salt, break the chicken egg and lay out the softened cooking oil. Mixing all the components with your hands, you need to gradually pour in the light flour. In the end, you should get a very mild yeast mass, which is desirable to sustain in the heat for an hour and a half. In this case, every 25 minutes it must be "whipped" with an oil fist.

We make stuffing

Poppy filling for buns from a yeast basedoes not require a lot of time for its preparation. To do this, mix dry poppy seeds with sugar, then pour them with fresh milk and cook on low heat for about 10 minutes. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the mass only slightly thickens, and not transformed into caramel.

Forming dessert

After the poppy filling for buns will beready, it should be slightly cooled. Next, you need to divide the dough into two pieces and roll them into rectangular strata. Then they need to apply a thick and swollen sweet poppy, and then wrap in a tight roll. By the way, you can bake a dessert formed in this form. After heat treatment, you will get a real poppy seedloaf. If you want to make delicious and luscious buns, then sausages should be cut into pieces 4-5 centimeters thick. Then they should be placed on a baking sheet, which is recommended to pre-veneer with culinary paper.

baking with poppy recipe

Baking process

Baking with poppy seeds, the recipe of which providesapplication of yeast dough, it turns out very lush, tasty and soft. Cook it in a warm cabinet for 55 minutes. This time is enough to ensure that poppy "curls" are well baked.

How to serve your family members?

Having made tasty buns with a filling from a poppy, themIt is necessary to carefully remove from the culinary paper and place on a large plate. Next, the product must be sprinkled with powder and presented in a warm form to the table. In addition to them, you should serve hot tea or freshly made coffee.

Making a shortbread poppy

Biscuits with poppy - this is a very quick and easy-to-prepare dessert, which will please both adults and children. To create such a simple delicacy, we need:

  • creamy softened oil - about 150 g;
  • light wheat flour - about 2 cups;
  • Chicken egg small - 1 pc .;
  • sugar not large - 2/3 cup;
  • soda food + table apple cider vinegar - a dessert spoon;
  • Vanillin - apply to taste;
  • Poppy seeds - ½ cup (to taste).
    buns with poppy seeds Photo

Kneading of the sand base

Biscuits with poppy seeds are cooked very quickly, andit turns out incredibly tender and tasty. To knead the sand base, you must remove the cooking oil from the refrigerator in advance and wait until it is completely softened. Further to it it is necessary to pour sugar-sand and add a chicken egg, and then beat with a fork. After that, the products are required to lay out vanillin, baking soda, slaked with apple cider vinegar, poppy seeds and wheat flour of high grade. Having mixed the elastic short pastry, it must be cleaned in the refrigerator and held there for an hour. This procedure will allow you to easily and quickly roll out the foundation in a thin layer.

We make semi-finished products from short pastry

To form a cookie with poppy seeds, a recipewhich we are considering, it is necessary to remove the oily base from the refrigerating chamber and gently roll it into a square layer 5-6 millimeters thick. Next, the dough needs to be cut into circles, diamonds or other shapes using a glass of the appropriate diameter or special confectionery knives.

We bake cookies in the oven

After the formation of poppy products, they should begently move to a baking sheet covered with cooking paper. Next, the filled sheet should be placed in a preheated oven. Bake shortbread cookies at a temperature of 204 degrees, preferably for half an hour. This time should be enough to ensure that the products are fully prepared, have become voluminous and slightly ruddy.

biscuits with poppy seeds

We serve poppy products to the table

Making a cookie with a poppy, it must be neatremove from the baking sheet and place on a large plate. If desired, such products can be fastened together using thick jam, jam or boiled condensed milk. Serve a ready-made delicacy for your family members preferably with coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

How to make pies with poppy filling?

If you decide to bake or fry the patties withpoppy filling, then you will need a yeast dough. It mixes in exactly the same way as for buns. However, the recipe for pies with poppy seeds does not recommend adding butter to such a base.

The process of forming and baking

After the dough has risen several times,will become lush and soft, it needs to be divided into small balls and rolled cakes out of them. Then in the middle of each product you need to place a poppy filling. It is made as follows: 2/3 cups of poppy seeds are taken, sugar is added to them in the amount of 2 large spoons and the same amount of honey. After mixing all the ingredients, you should get a viscous sweet mass. It is she who needs to stuff all the cakes. After the semi-finished products are ready, you can safely proceed to their frying or baking.

cake with poppy seeds

When preparing pies with poppy seeds, they should be neatremove from the frying pan with butter or remove from the windshield, and then serve the household with sweet tea or a coffee drink. It should be noted that such products are not only very delicious, but also quite high in calories.

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