How to pickle fish at home: tips

Without salted fish, perhaps, does not do anyfestive table. After all, this is one of the most common snacks. Salted fish stimulates appetite, quenches hunger and even slightly neutralizes the effect of alcohol on the body. But, unfortunately, on the shelves is not always a fresh product. And yet, how can you be sure of the quality of the fish? It's simple: you need to learn how to salt it yourself. And this is actually not so difficult. And to find the answer to the question: "How to pickle fish?" - it is enough to read this article until the end. You will need a minimum of products and a little patience.

how to pickle fish

Which fish is better to choose?

You need to choose either winter or spring. During this period, its meat contains more fat, which significantly affects the taste of the product after treatment. And more: it is worth remembering that fish of the highest grade is obtained only from salmon, herring and mackerel species. Large varieties must be gutted, and small ones can be left intact.

How to pickle fish?

So, let's consider in detail several ways, and we have three.

Dry Ambassador

For the first method we need a woodenCapacity, for example, a box or basket, 10 kg of fish and 1.5 kg of salt. The bottom will need to be covered with burlap or canvas rag. Fish should be packed tightly to each other (jack, belly up) and abundantly covered with salt. Then it is covered with a wooden lid, over which a load is placed (for example, a large stone). A few days later the fish should give the juice that will flow through the crevices of the box (basket). It is salted out on average on the 5th-10th day, everything will depend on its size. The larger the fish, the longer it will be prepared. It must also be taken into account that all this time she must stand in the cold. Well, now you know how quickly to pickle the fish.

Wet Ambassador

how to properly salt river fish

The second method is also simple. For this we need an iron vessel, 10 kg of fish, 1 kg of salt and 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sugar. Then we proceed in the same way as in the first method. The fish is laid by the belly up in dense rows. Then it is covered with salt, which is pre-added a spoonful of sugar. It is this combination that gives the fish an unusually tender taste. Cover the lid, put the load and clean it in the cold. Usually after a couple of days the fish is completely covered with brine, which is very good. On the 5th-8th day it can already be taken out of the vessel, washed in running water and dried. Now you know how to pickle fish in one more way.

Worship Ambassador

The third method differs significantly fromprevious. So let's consider how to properly salinize river fish with the sagging method. To do this, it will be necessary in advance to prepare a brine solution, the density of which is easy to check with conventional raw potatoes. If it does not sink, then salt is enough. Fish are suspended on rods so that there is a small distance between them - it should not touch one another. Then they lower it into the container with the prepared solution. It remains only to have patience and wait. It will take 7 days and you can eat fish.

how to quickly pick up fish

Helpful Hints:

1. Little is known about how to pickle fish, it is also necessary to make sure of its readiness. It is enough to check it for "oak": it becomes quite solid and badly bends.

2. Large fish must be gutted, and small fish can be left untouched.

3. Important! Fish in the process of salting should be protected from flies. Therefore, the container in which it is located is best covered with gauze.

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