Mako-satin: characteristics and characteristics of the tissue

The variety of fabrics is so great that in their forms you can just get confused. However, not all materials are valued equally. The most demanded and quality are fabrics made from natural fibers.

Advantages of cotton fabrics

A clear example of quality material iscotton. It is environmentally friendly and practical. From it, various types of fabrics are manufactured, differing in density, quality, cost and strength. One of the highest quality cotton fabrics is mako-satin. Its main purpose is sewing bed linen. However, this type of material can be used for other purposes, for example, for the manufacture of blouses, light scarves and other products.

What is the special feature of mako-satin fabric?

When buying bed linen or underwearpeople are important not only design, but also the quality of the fabric from which the products were sewn. Naturally, natural materials are most valuable. But very few people know what mako-satin is. What is this fabric? Reviews say that this kind of matter is 100% natural. Is it really?

mako satin

Satin is a cloth made of cotton yarn. In fact, this is a delusion. Satin is not a material, but a way of interweaving cotton threads. Mako-satin is a weave of the finest yarn fibers. The ratio of threads in this material is 4: 1, as a result of which the fabric acquires a pleasant shine and smoothness. It is also characterized by increased wear resistance and a dense surface.

How is mako-satin made?

What is this fabric, we already found out. But what is its secret? To create such a high quality material, it is necessary to observe the following parameters in its production:

  • Clean raw materials.
  • Fineness of natural fibers.
  • Technology of satin weave.

This material is produced from the Egyptiancotton. Mostly, the Mako variety (Mitafifi) is used. This cotton is characterized by especially thin fibers of 40-55 mm in length, when twisting, a thin fabric of increased wear resistance and density is obtained. Raw materials for production in the Nile Valley are grown without the use of any chemical additives and pesticides.

mako satin what kind of cloth reviews

The purity of the material depends on the quality of the finish. In the production process, mako-satin is subjected to various stages of processing. So, to give a shine to the front side of the fabric, cotton fibers are twisted. The density is imparted to the material by treatment with an alkaline solution. The painting of the canvas is carried out in a reactive way, during which the colorant envelops each of the fibers and penetrates into it. Due to this, tissues acquire rich colors that do not burn out in the sun.

Main advantages

What are the advantages of mako-satin? The reviews speak eloquently that the bedding made of this material is unusually light, smooth, soft, durable and silky. In appearance and quality, this material is almost equal to silk products, but this fabric is much cheaper.

mako satin reviews

The main advantages of mako-satin are:

  • air permeability;
  • durability;
  • ease of care (the material is easily washed from most types of contaminants);
  • the fabric practically does not crumple and perfectly holds the shape;
  • Do not shed in the washing process and leave no traces of paint on other surfaces;
  • Bed linen from this fabric gives the same tactile sensations as natural silk;
  • not electrified;
  • does not accumulate or create dust;
  • is a hypoallergenic material;
  • absorbs water well and dries quickly.

How to care for the cloth?

After buying bedding from thisit is recommended that they be washed before use, and the duvet cover and pillow cases should be turned inside out. If there are buttons and zippers, then they must be fastened.

mako satin what is this cloth

For washing it is recommended to choose non-aggressive means without the content of whitening components. If this item is observed, even after 200 washings, the material will look new.

Bedding made of this fabric is elite, therefore it is recommended to wash the first wash at a temperature of no more than 40 ºС, then the water can be heated up to 60 ºС.

Washing of natural fabrics in one container withproducts from polyester should not, because the material from this can lose its aesthetic and tactile qualities. Also, do not put white and colored underwear in the washing machine at the same time. After drying, the fabric does not need to be ironed, since it holds the mold well and practically does not crumple.

mako satin what is this cloth

So what is mako-satin? What is this fabric? Customer feedback reveals all the positive aspects of this material, but words can not convey the feelings that bed linens made from it give. Sleeping on such a bed is the greatest pleasure, and a variety of colors will help you choose a kit that suits the general design of the bedroom.

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