How to make holes and scrapes on jeans. The answer is here!

All sooner or later faced with suchproblem: they bought good, good-looking jeans, expensive, worn well, for a long time, they do not tear ... Only here the problem is that they can not be demolished! And they take a place in the closet on the far shelf, because it's a pity to throw out, and to look at them is already sickening - so tired. In fact, the problem is solved simply. Give your jeans a second chance!

What can you do with jeans that are out of fashion? Yes anything! Accurate holes, rubs, various applications and, finally, they can simply be sewn into a wonderful bag, skirt or shorts.

In this article I will tell you in detail how to make holes and rub on jeans.

how to make holes and rub on jeans

Let's start by choosing a room. It should be understood that when you do the rubbing on jeans, the fluff from the fabric will fly everywhere, so you should give up the idea of ​​doing it in the room and do it in the bathroom, on the balcony, or on the street. Before making holes and rubbing on jeans, treat them with "Vanish", the fabric will become supple. Now put the jeans on yourself and mark on them those places on which you want to make a hole or rubbed. In the area of ​​the knee, doing rubbing is dangerous, because very soon it will simply turn into a hole, because in this place when walking the fabric is deformed as much as possible. But if in the future it is planned that the rubbing should turn into a hole, then this should not frighten you. In order for the rubs to be more accurate, and you could control their depth, you should choose sandpaper, pumice or fine sand. In order not to damage the main threads, the surface should be treated only from below and conduct paper, sand or pumice up the fabric, without strong pressure on the fabric. Before processing, put something solid inside the leg to avoid damaging the rear leg. Be sure to wash your jeans after all the procedures done with them - so your attrition will look more natural.

holes on jeans

But there is another way, how to make holes andrub on jeans. This method is more complicated, it requires more accuracy, but the effect of this method is more natural and beautiful. At a distance of 2-3 centimeters from each other are made neat razor cuts of any desired length and width.

After that, extra transversethreads and left only longitudinal. A photo of the jeans on the left shows clearly how it's done. If you first do the rub on jeans, then it's better to do it first way, because it's simpler and does not require any special skills.

photo of shabby

Holes on jeans are made easier. Also, between the front and back legs, something solid is inserted, and holes are made with a razor or with a sharp knife. Be careful, it is better to do small cuts first, so that they eventually become larger, because if you do big things at once, then you will not return anything back. Remove the thread around the cut - the hole is ready! The edges of the holes can be decorated.

Artistic shabby and holes look alwaysquite original and modern. This detailed description of how to make holes and rubs on jeans will always help you to be at the height of fashion and not store your old clothes in the closet, giving her a second, interesting life.

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