The scheme of patchwork sewing will help to make exclusive things.

At the present time such a species is very popularneedlework, like patchwork. Beautifully and easily you can sew in this technique blankets, pillows, bags and other interesting and necessary things for the house. A patchwork sewing scheme will help you make an exclusive model. You can take it in this article or come up with yourself.

What is patchwork?

In English it is called a patchwork. In this kind of needlework, the remains and cuttings of the fabric are used, from which the picture is put, something like a mosaic.

quilting scheme
Using your imagination, you can getwhimsical patterns and ornaments. The technique of patchwork and schemes were known to our mothers and grandmothers. Then it was used as a means of saving finance. At the present time, masters can buy ready-made sets with the selection of fabrics by color.

The use of scrappy technique is possible even withtailoring. For example, you can make an original skirt or sarafan in a rustic style. To make the product look harmonious, you need to sort the flaps. To do this, it is enough to divide them into groups: warm and cold shades. And of course, knowledge of the color wheel will not interfere, then your thing will certainly be beautiful and interesting.

Tool for manufacturing patchwork

If in this type of needlework the master makes the firststeps, then he will need a scheme of patchwork sewing. You can create it yourself and draw it on paper or on a computer. And you can peek at experienced needlewomen.

Also need a sewing machine, scissors, cardboardfor templates, pencil. If you plan a small product, you can sew it with your hands. Next you need to collect all the shreds available in your house, you can use old clothes. Choose more similar in color palette, cut the details according to your sketches and proceed to their connection. In this article about patchwork schemes, photos and descriptions are presented below.

"Arable land"

This scheme of patchwork is similar to furrowson the plowed field. To emphasize the dynamics of strips, you need to choose similar in color palette. You can use the material in a small flower or in a box. It will be beautiful to look at this sewing from satin ribbons, if you alternate the front side with the underside.

For work, a square of the right size is cut out, andthen it is divided into three sections, each of which is cut into five parallel strips. Cut out the details of the fabric pattern. Strips for each site are stitched separately, they must be ironed. The individual parts are joined together clockwise, beginning with the top piece. From ready-made squares you can sew a pillowcase on a pillow, a cape on an armchair or a sofa.

Chess pattern

To perform this pattern, you need a cloth of twocontrasting colors. You can cut small squares and sew together, but there is a way easier. This scheme of patchwork sewing will show how to do it faster and easier.

 patchwork is beautiful and easy
The fabric is cut into strips of the same width. Then they are stitched together, alternating in color. Then the fabric needs to be cut across, not forgetting to leave allowances on seams. Having spread out the strips in such a way that a chess pattern is obtained, the master must sew them with a transverse seam.

"Grandmother's honeycomb"

This pattern is so called because it is collected fromhexagons. The scheme of its assembly is simple: cardboard templates are produced by the number of parts. The cardboard should be of medium thickness and not too hard. Then the pattern is laid on the wrong side of the fabric and cut out, leaving the allowances on the seams. They are bent and pulled along the edge of the thread, so that the fabric fits tightly to the template. When all the hexagons are ready, they are folded face down, to each other, and sewed by hand with a secret stitch. After the cardboard is removed, the seams are ironed, and the finished fabric is stitched with a lining. The work is painstaking and manual, but the canvas is very beautiful, decorated with pillows, napkins and tablecloths.

The technique of "crazy"

This technique has another name - "crazy shreds." This is due to the fact that the patchwork sewing scheme of this type, as a rule, is absent.

technique of patchwork and schemes

In the square in the center, sew a triangle ortrapezium, and then around spend various strips and figures of any shape. You can also use non-standard applications. To decorate and mask the seams, you can use lace, beads and buttons. Such patchwork is beautiful and easy to make even a novice needlewoman.

Knitting patchwork

Naturally, every lover has to knit a lot of unnecessary glomeruli. Of these, you can make a lot of squares and put them together, making a blanket or blanket.

patchwork diagram sewing

Unlike the previous techniques, squares do notbut they are crocheted together. Most often this kind of patchwork is used in the manufacture of blankets, bags and even slippers. Such a scheme of patchwork sewing can be made mixed, where both fabric and knitting are used. To do this, the threads take a similar color with the cloth and tie the pieces of matter around them.

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