A pleasant surprise for children: crafts made of colored paper with their own hands

Children adore gifts, surprises, all kinds of thingspractical jokes. And especially it is pleasant to them to take part in creation of "miracle". For example, make a colored paper application, a fun toy or something else. Let's fantasize with the children.

Miracle Hat

crafts from colored paper with your own hands
Kids like games with disguises. And you will present your child with a wonderful surprise if, for example, you make for your craft a colored fakir or clown hat. What do you need? Naturally, colored paper, glue, scissors, a simple pencil, a ruler. And the sea of ​​imagination. Another couple of plates - a dish and a smaller dish. And a large sheet of Whatman. Our master class for making crafts from colored paper begins with our own hands.

Whatman Cut into 2 parts: one wider, the other already. On the large circle the contours of the dish with the pencil edges down. Now measure the circumference of the baby's head with a centimeter tape. The same diameter we need another circle - inside the first one. Draw it with a second plate. The cylinder fields are ready! It remains only to cut them and cut a hole. Since we make handmade articles of colored paper with our own hands, the fields can be decorated at once: cover with black paper, for example, and put yellow and white stars on this background. Or some other symbolic drawing. Now once again we measure the child's head and measure the strip of paper from another piece of whatman of the appropriate length, more precisely, a little more, since the edges will need to be glued together. Height select by eye. Now be careful. From the bottom and from above measure from the edge to the center for 3-4 centimeters, draw parallel lines and make cuts every 3 cm.

We proceed to the next stage of our craft fromcolored paper with your own hands. Strips-incisions should be bent, and edges along the length - glued together. It turned out that we had something like a fringed cylinder. Now we act like this: for the hat we cut the bottom. One "fringe" is smeared with glue, bending incisions inside. We insert the bottom, press it well, so that the adhesive grabs the paper. Superfluous wipe with a cloth. You can immediately refine the workpiece in the same way as we did with the fields. Then again glue the second "fringe", put on top of the hat on the field, press. Check in advance that the dimensions dock; in the last resort, increase the hole at the margins. Everything, the magician's magic hat is ready, you can start the show!

crafts from color paper flowers

Spider on legs

You can use as a gift crafts fromcolored paper - flowers. But it will be much more interesting to present as a gift the most amusing creature - a spider decorated with a glamorous bow. Billets will need about the same as for a hat.

fakes of colored paper
From a dense colored sheet cut out a stripwidth of 12 cm, length of 20. Fold the width in half, glue. Then connect the ends. You have a circle, more precisely, a hoop. From paper of the same color, cut 8 strips 8 cm wide, 16 cm long. Bend them along, glue them. Then in half. On the ends on both sides, glue multi-colored triangles - it turns out that your fake of colored paper there are shoes. Now cut out a small circle. On him, put a mug: cut out the green or blue paper eyes, just do not forget about the pupils. Of red - mouth. On the side, put on a smart bow. Connect the head to the hoop-trunk. At the same distance, fix the legs. Everything, with a miracle-spider can play.

paper melon

In addition to such interesting crafts, from colored paper, you can glue pumpkin-lamps for the children's room, a sweet panda and even a whole zoo of domestic animals.

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