Vintage postcard with own hands

Vintage postcard - not only pleasant, but alsoa very fashionable way to congratulate a loved one on a holiday. To make such a card in the best traditions of style, you will have to work hard, but the result will surpass all expectations.

You must clearly understand what you are doing, andadhere to the requirements for registration. To understand these issues, you need to know exactly what kind of crafts are and how their style differs from other similar creations.

Vintage is ...

For the last ten years the concept of vintagefirmly rooted in our lives. But many still do not distinguish this direction from retro. The boundary between the two trends is very thin, because even specialists can confuse them.

The term "vintage" is applied to clothing,interior, wine and, of course, to various handicrafts. Even among experts there is no consensus on how to formulate its definition. For each individual case, there is a different interpretation.

vintage postcard

For example, when applied to wine, they havein view of the grape drink or the harvest of a particular year. For the interior, this means combining several styles. For example, the design of the room, which uses an imitation of antiquity, or indeed antiquarian things, harmoniously combined with modern elements.

When we talk about vintage clothing, we havemind wardrobe items that look as if they have been lying in the attic for a long time, rubbed, burned and torn. It is thanks to his deliberate negligence that this style is firmly rooted in fashion and is clearly not going to leave it in the near future.

Vintage postcard, vintage photo,vintage music, vintage mechanics ... This list can go on for a very long time. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that this concept has not yet received one general definition for all cases.

So what is it? Any things stylized in the old days? Or objects that look like they are not less than 50 years old, and everything else is retro? Nobody can give an exact answer to these questions, but anyone will confirm: such products can hardly be called cheap.

Vintage postcard features

Vintage postcard looks like itwas created at least in the 80s of the last century. It embodies the fashion trends of a certain period and can cost more than thirty thousand rubles.

vintage birthday cards

To do it yourself, you will also need certain costs for materials and tools, but this budget is unlikely to exceed the cost of finished crafts that are sold in stores or on the Internet.

When working, it is very important to carefully think over eachdetail of design. You need to first learn what was considered fashionable in the chosen historical period, to feel the mood of that era. And only after that you can start implementing the chosen concept.

The most common materials for working onsuch a product - a piece of photographs, vintage fabrics and embroidery. They can be purchased at specialized stores or made independently. In order to achieve the desired effect, there are many different ways. Let's consider the most simple variants, allowing to execute old vintage cards.

We add age to a paper

The most elementary way to give the paper a yellow tinge is to iron it with a very hot iron. In order to achieve a more saturated color, you can repeat the procedure several times.

Vintage postcards by own hands

As an option - put the leaf in a well-heatedoven. In this case, you need to ensure that it does not catch fire. But if its edges are slightly stale, it will look even better. Some masters specifically set fire to paper or cardboard, which is then used as the basis for the craft.

Also make vintage postcards yourselfwill help ordinary sun rays. To grow old paper in this way, it is necessary to leave it in the summer for a few days in a well-lit place, and ultraviolet light will give yellowness.

Water and fire

Another method is to put the material inspecial solution. For its preparation, any type of tea is suitable. If you want to use coffee, it is better to give preference to soluble. There is no universal recipe.

The duration of soaking directly depends on theThe thickness and size of the paper. As a rule, it is kept in a liquid for 10 to 20 minutes, and after that it is dried and smoothed with an iron. Another option with coffee is wiping wet material with its grains.

postcards in vintage style

To make postcards in vintage style,use and milk. They rub a sheet of paper or cardboard, and after it dries, pass through it with an iron. To achieve a more saturated color at the edges, they must be applied with a double layer of liquid.

In addition, a very effective way of processingthe basis of the future craft is the use of open fire. To paper covered with a light touch of soot, and the edges - burnt, you can hold it over a candle or a cigarette lighter. But to carry out this procedure you need to be very careful not to destroy the material and not be injured yourself.

These were the simplest ways of aging paper. Now let's see how you can achieve this effect on the fabric.

Working with cloth

Vintage postcard is also created usingtissue. She, like paper, should have a brownish tint and look as if she had a couple of decades at least. To achieve the desired effect, we also need coffee and tea mixtures.

vintage postcard master class

The following recipes are calculated approximately for a meter-twomaterial. It is virtually impossible to calculate the proportions in exactly the same way, because each fabric has its own specific features, and on any structure the dye falls in different ways. Take these compounds as a basis. And then in the process of working try different proportions of components to achieve the desired effect.

We use tea

To make a tea dye, pourpolkastryuli water and throw it at least 8 bags of black tea. Place the tissue in the container and cook it for 5 minutes. If you want to achieve a more intense color, you can add another 1-3 servings of tea.

vintage postcards by hand scrapbooking

Do not use more than 11 sachets. For a rich brown color, this amount is enough for you.

After you have drained the fabric, pour the contents of the pan into the sink and rinse the material under the faucet, removing excess dye residues. Then dry it, and iron it if necessary.

Vintage cards with own hands (scrapbooking)can be made from both ironed and wrinkled fabrics. There are no clear rules for selecting one of these options. Just see how harmonious this or that kind fits into your design concept, and make the final decision.

Coffee for help

Vintage postcard, master class on creatingwhich we cite, can also be produced using a fabric colored coffee. To prepare the necessary solution, boil a natural drink. To make it, use this proportion: one tablespoon of powder for a cup of water. For coloring you need about 10-12 such servings.

Pour the necessary amount of coffee into a saucepan andfill with water, keeping the prescribed proportions. Fully dip the mixture into the fabric and cook it for about five minutes. Then pour the contents of the pan, and rinse the material with running water.


Coloring with the use of coffee gives the fabric beautiful gray shades. In addition, after this solution on the material will remain its persistent aroma, which will last for quite some time.

old vintage postcards

On the one hand, it can bring novelty to your craft, it will be fanned by the aromas of the coffee house. On the other hand, if you do not like the smell, you will have to wait a long time until it disappears.

Tea, in turn, gives the tissues beautifullight brown or even golden shades, but its smell does not stay long. Therefore, when choosing such a dye, it is better to take the most ordinary cheap drink without additional flavors.

Alternative methods

Vintage cards "Happy birthday" can also bedecorate with a cloth colored with a mixture of pomegranate juice and red wine. Components should be used in equal proportions. They give a beautiful purple-brown color, but they require a certain financial cost.

A more economical way is to use a mixture ofiodine or manganese. Dilute 10-20 drops of one of these components in water and boil the tissue in it for 5-10 minutes. Often, when the color falls on the material so quickly that it does not even need to be boiled.

When you have matured the basis and chosen the design, youyou need to collect the necessary elements for the work of the decor. It can be photos, bows, flowers, etc. Of the tools you will need a corner hole punch, special seals, paints, double-sided scotch tape. With their help you will create unique vintage postcards "Happy Birthday". In addition, you can make a present for any other holiday.

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