Crafts from eggs: we will spend time together with the child

Each parent should give to the childsufficient amount of time. If the baby grows without attention, care and love, then it can grow stale and even cruel. Therefore, if you do not want your child to become so, then be sure to give your child a lot of time.

In kindergarten often asked homework -to make an odd job. Most likely, this task is not for children, but for their parents. So mom and dad can spend time with the family, talking with the baby and creating with him interesting crafts with their own hands. This is a very large work, which requires a lot of attention, and most importantly - fantasy.

crafts from eggs

So, if you want to surprise everyone in the kindergarten,then you need to learn how to make crafts from eggs. In fact, it's very simple, but the result looks impressive, so your child will be praised for his work. By the way, crafts made from eggs will be very relevant to such a holiday as Easter.

If you do not know which craftsmanship to make, do notit is worth experiencing, because the Internet has a huge number of sites, on the pages of which you can find detailed instructions and without any problems to make a craft.

Crafts from Kinder eggs
If you are new to this case, then crafts from eggsshould be very light in order to get a hand. For example, it is possible to make a hand-made article from improvised materials. To do this you will need three eggs, different cereals of your choice, as well as black peppercorns. Do not forget to prepare and glue PVA.

So, before you start, you need to be carefulpierce the eggs from both sides and pour out all the contents from them. You also need to rinse the shell inside so that there is no smell of rotten eggs. Of course, this should all be done very carefully, so as not to damage the shell. Next, puncture the holes on the sides and insert in there pre-cooked small cones from pieces of paper that will serve as hands and feet of the egg.

crafts from eggs kinder

Next comes the flight of your imagination. But it is best to entrust this work to the child, if you want to develop creative thinking. Trust your baby and let him first spread the shells with glue, and then roll them in different croups. Also, a simple craft of eggs is a decoration with the help of colored paper. The child cuts the eyes, the nose, the mouth for the character's face. Then it remains only to glue these elements to the egg - and it's done. Also, the child can draw on the egg legs and handles.

I would like to say that crafts from eggs are notlimited to simple chicken eggs. Of course, you can use at least a quail, even an ostrich egg. Note that crafts made from "kinder-eggs", or plastic liners in "Kinder-surprises", are the most durable and durable. Falling to the floor, they will not break. Therefore, if you want to keep a "masterpiece" for a long time, made by a baby, it is worth trying to make crafts from Kinder eggs.

If you really want to findthe original method of creating crafts from eggs, you should trust your intuition and imagination. Show a little creativity - and you can be sure: you will get a wonderful hand-crafted article. The most important thing is to put love in her.

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