Applique from napkins and other creative activities for children

Even toddlers who have not yet turned twoyears, their own little fingers can already do something. For example, with the help of parents a two-year-old can be made an applique of napkins. This kind of children's creativity makes it possible for a small child who does not yet know how to use scissors, crushing and tearing single-layer table napkins into pieces, rolling soft lumps out of them, dipping in a saucer with glue and gluing them in the right places. In this technique, you can make any drawing volumetric, but with a baby it's better to start with something simple.

applique from napkins

Appliqué from napkins "The First Snow"

For example, on a sheet of cardboard dark (blue or black) color can be glued "snow" - pieces of white napkins, twisted into small balls-lumps.

Appliqué from napkins "Gift to Mom"

On a sheet of cardboard white or other lightcolor draw a dark marker thread. On it the kid should plant "beads" - pieces of colored napkins rolled in balls. You can draw a pencil point - the place where they need to paste. In the same way, the applique from Napkins "Garland" is performed, only instead of a thread on the sheet you need to draw a green tree, and the colored balls can be glued in the specified order. This can help the child get the concept of quantity, thereby becoming familiar with the account.

crafts from colored paper napkins

Applique "Mouse"

From the cardboard you need to cut out the teardrop-shaped body of the mouse(length about 20 cm, width - 9 - 10 cm). Then you need to paint white wipes. Having typed on a brush of green gouache, you need to dissolve it in water, the amount of which is more than paint, about three times. After the paint has completely dissolved, immerse in a piece of napkins. After they are painted, get them with a brush and dry them on a saucer. Now you can proceed to the label. First, colored pieces need to be gently rolled into balls, then dipped in a saucer with glue, and then glued to the body of the mouse in random order. The tail can be made from a thick green thread, pasting it to the wide edge of the mouse. The muzzle (eyes and ears) can be made of black plasticine.

Crafting from colored paper napkinshas for the child a number of pluses. Firstly, this is the time spent with parents for an interesting and fascinating occupation. Secondly, such needlework helps to develop tactile sensations and muscles of the fingers and hands in general. Thirdly, a small person gets the opportunity to manifest creativity.

three-dimensional applique for children

In addition to creating compositions from colored napkins,there is another voluminous application for children. This is an occupation for four or five year old boys and girls who own scissors. After going to the zoo or to the circus, the child will want to express his impressions. You can slightly diversify the usual picture. Let him draw a background of pencils (a rainforest or a circus arena), and animals should be cut out of colored paper. Let's say the lion is in the center of the composition. The mane should be cut into thin strips imitating wool. When attaching the figure to the drawing, it is necessary to leave the mane strips voluminous, not attached, then the "shaggy" of the lion will rise, and it will resemble the living one. You can even pre-wind the strips on a match, making curls, then your shaggy beast will get a "hairstyle." This kind of applique will allow you to come up with various creative solutions. After all, you can do hairstyles and other heroes: princesses, dolls, models, etc. Other details of the drawing may also be voluminous (for example, plant leaves and tropical forest lianas). The most important thing is not to glue completely, but only to grasp the part. Applikatsiya find a different appearance, and in your child the talent of the decorator will wake up. Who knows, maybe this will be his vocation?

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