How to make a ribbon bow

We all love birthdays, New Year's and otherholidays with gifts. Someone likes to receive gifts, and someone - to give. The latter are often busy not only with the choice of a suitable gift, but also with its design. And such people pay attention not only to the bright and beautiful wrapper, but also additions to it. One of these additions is a ribbon bow. Some people prefer to go to a flower salon or a shop, so that they are packaged with a gift and pay a moderate amount of money for it. The most creative people make out a gift with bows.

bow of ribbon

In order to make a ribbon bow,stock up satin, nylon, satin and polyester. The fact is that such materials do not crumple and keep the form well. There are a lot of kinds of bows, and each of them differs in appearance and way of execution. Bows made of ribbons can decorate clothes, bags, decor elements in the house.

The "Dior" bath is made of several turnstape. All subsequent turns must be smaller than the previous ones. They fit one another. The size of the last coil will be about one centimeter in diameter. Strengthen the bow with the same ribbon, from which it is made, but smaller than the width. A small cut of the tape is necessary to connect all the parts of the bow, even the smallest coil, together.

bow of paper tape

In order to make a bow of ribbons,which will look like a lush flower, you need an average width of the ribbon. It is taken for the edge (we retreat in advance fifteen centimeters) and, leaving a curl, one end of the tape is crossed with the other. The operation is repeated several times. After all the curls are laid, hold the index finger to the center of the flower so that it does not fall apart. The middle is bandaged with a small ribbon of the same material from which the bow itself is made.

The most popular and common is consideredbow of a classic style ribbon. There are two ways of making it. The difference between them is how the central part of the bow is fixed. Fixation is performed by the same ribbon as the bow. A narrow tape of twenty centimeters long is folded into four layers by an accordion. It turns out three folds. It is necessary to hold the tape so that there are two folds on top and one on the bottom. Folds are crossed and the remaining turn is passed through the hole that formed from below. With the help of such manipulations, a nodule is created. For another way of tying classic bows, you need two tapes. The ribbon ribbon is fixed with a second small ribbon. The first is the base of the bow. First, the edges of the base segment of the ribbon are crossed, resulting in a circle. Two centimeters should be left free. The middle of the tape is crossed with its ends and fixed with a thread. The second tape wraps the first one. At the same time, the seam should be hidden. On the reverse side of the bow make a knot.

bow of ribbon

Materials for making bows are many. For this, tapes made of nylon, satin, satin and others are taken. Very original when you receive the gift will look a bow of paper tape. He will add comfort and spontaneity to the holiday atmosphere.

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