How many dominoes in the set, or All about the ancient game

Domino came to Europe from ancient China, but inThe difference from many other board games won popularity with the aristocracy only in the XVIII century. It is interesting that the gambling game, which was an integral part of the Soviet yards, got its name from the French word. "Domino" called the garments of priests, who differed in contrasting colors. Outside, they were completely white, and the lining was made of black fabric.

Now there are many varieties of this game in the world and it will be superfluous to find out how much dominoes are in the set, and what is their difference.

how many dominoes in the set

Origin of dominoes

Originally dominoes appeared in China, but inEurope and, in particular, the Italians, the game has changed significantly. Hot nation has changed not only the rules, but the appearance of the knuckles. The chips were made of wood, and they did not have empty faces.

Some associate fun with pastimeDominican monks who wore black and white clothes. But there is also the assumption that the word "domino" comes from the Latin dominans, which means - the main.

On the question of how many dominoes in the set, it is impossibleanswer unequivocally. The number of knuckles depends on which version of the game to give preference. It is interesting that the appearance of the chips causes associations with the standard dice. All knuckles form combinations that can fall out when two cubes are tossed. In fact, the game is their flat version.

How many knuckles in the standard set of dominoes

Now on sale you can find varieties of the game. For children, a variant with pictures is offered, so the fun will suit even the smallest players who do not yet know how to count.

Classic domino case consists of 28 knucklestraditional rectangular shape, divided into two parts and executed in a classic black and white style. On each half of the plate there are points from zero to six. The word "knuckles" is associated with the dice. They are otherwise called "bones".

how many in a set of pieces

When looking at the plates it is clear: each of them is equivalent to throwing two cubes. It is noteworthy that the Chinese version assumes the absence of bones without dots. In online games, there are versions where there are more points on the chips, up to eighteen.

Varieties of games with dominoes

Despite the seeming simplicity, the game is quite interesting and has several versions that are common in Russia and Europe:

  1. "Goat".
  2. "A donkey".
  3. "Sea goat".
  4. "Houses".

Often people say that it is necessary "to scoregoat ". About this game and will be discussed. How many in a set of pieces, it is useful to know if chips are lost from too gambling or when you get into tenacious baby pens. So, after collecting all 28 knuckles, players are dealt seven chips each, if the participants are two or five if four players play. The remainder is called "bazaar".

Initially, it is determined that the first one goes towho will have a record with two zeros or sixes. In the absence of those in the move go the chips in ascending or descending order. For example, two units or two fives.

set of dominoes, how many knuckles

If participants do not have duplicate knuckles at all, then the move belongs to the person who has the chip with the largest sum of points.

Course of the game

The first plate is placed in the center of the table, andplayers in turn put chips to it, using the pattern of repetition. However, there is a more interesting approach when using a version of the sum of digits, which should be six. For example, there is a "domino" with two points on the outside, which means that it is necessary to answer with a knuckle with four points.

Knowing how much dominoes in the set helps build a strategy and develop versions. Thus, you can calculate the remaining chips and the advantages that are available in the hands of the competitor.

The game ends the person who firstfreed from their chips, and the bazaar is fully demanded. There are times when no player has the necessary plate. In this case, the party ends with a "fish".

Chinese version

At the question of how much dominoes should be in the set,it is necessary to take into account the fact that the game was originally born in China. Their version provides for 32 bones. Another difference is in the absence of empty chips. This is due to the fact that the dice have no empty faces.

how many knuckles in the standard set of dominoes

No Zero Plates Chinese VersionThe set compensates by the presence of several duplicating bones. In addition, the eastern countries do not recognize the usual plastic option. Their dominoes are more often made of wood. The ancient exhibits were made from animal bones, which, incidentally, allows making assumptions about the occurrence of the word "knuckles".

Domino and its non-standard application

With the help of chips you can not only interestingspend time, but calmly spread out the solitaire. Plates should be expanded in the form of a pyramid and alternately turned over in two pieces. Once the sum of the points is 12, they are removed. Given the standard set of dominoes (how many knuckles in it, its owners know), solitaire is easy to fold, if you are extremely attentive.

For those who like unusual schemes and destruction,it is worth trying to implement the "domino principle". Its essence is that when a single plate falls, a wave-like movement occurs, which causes the chips to fall in a certain order.

Professionals are laying out such intricate designs that a very exciting action looms during the destruction.

how much should there be a domino in the set

Now there are a lot of different games,based on the classic dominoes. Many make adjustments themselves and receive completely new and unusual board games. If in sets with points it is important how many dominoes in the set, then children's variants with pictures can be used and with the loss of several chips. In any case, with the appearance of a droplet of fantasy and a share of creativity, it is possible to make completely new entertainment out of the habitual game.

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