How to make rosaries from improvised materials

Before you start making beads,First, decide for what purposes they will be used by you. If for reading prayers, meditation and other religious rituals, then your attribute must have an appropriate number of beads. For Buddhism this number is 18, 21, 27, 54 or 108, for Hinduism - 50, 54, 108, for Islam - 11, 33, 99 plus a pendant, for Catholicism - 50, divided into five tens, for Orthodoxy - 33, 103 or a multiple of 12 or 10, for the Old Believers - 109.

In the event that the rosary will not have a relationship to religion, and will become only a soothing attribute in your life, the number of beads does not matter.

For example, in the thieves 'world it is customary to have so-called flip-flops, which, according to thieves' legends, helped pickpockets to train sleight of hand.

How to make a rosary: we are determined with the material for manufacturing

Rosary can be made from completely differentmaterials. The easiest way is to go to the nearest store selling all kinds of jewelry and buy some beads or a bracelet. At home, you simply disassemble the product into constituent elements (beads), in which holes are already drilled, and string them on a fishing line or a strong thread the way you need.

You can not buy jewelry, and sacrifice for the sake of honors with old grandmothers or even your beads that you do not wear.

How to make a rosary of bread

Bread, or rather, its crumb, is a popular "building" material for prisoners. It produces various crafts: dominoes, chess pieces, ashtrays, and beads for the beads.

Crumb of wheat bread of poor quality orrye should be kneaded in the hands until it becomes plastic, like plasticine (this takes somewhere about two hours of continuous work). To dry the product from the bread did not crack, in the crumb, sugar should be added first. And, the more quality bread, the more sweet sand will need to be added. Then beads or plates are molded from a plastic crumb. If desired, you can add dye to the bread. For example, if you want to get black rosaries, use ashes from burnt paper, and for colored beads, you should add ink extracted from the pins of ball or gel pens.

In addition to the above-described method, the inventiveconvicts make magnificent beads for rosaries from molten plastic parts of ballpoint pens and disposable shaving machines, ebonite and even from packs of instant noodles such as Doshirak and Rollton.

How to make rosary of plexiglas

In the construction market, buy plexiglas (sizeapproximately 90 to 90 mm and a thickness of 5 to 10 mm). Then determine what size and shape you want beads on your rosary beads (you can see photos of finished products on the Internet and choose what you like). Then we transfer the sketch to the sheet in the cell in the required scale. Now take the ruler, plexiglas and the sharp instrument with which you will draw contours from the sketch on it. It is necessary to act with caution, since Plexiglas is very easily scratched.

Take a saw for the metal and start cuttingcarefully, taking care not to move away from the marking. Now it is necessary to polish and polish each bead. For grinding, use sandpaper. Start with 240 grains and finish process 1000. Next, with a piece of leather, polish. When your beads become smooth, beautiful and shiny, drill holes in them, into which the thread will be cut.

How to make a rosary classic

Prepare the required number of beadsthe same size and color and one bead larger (it may have even a different shape or even not be a ball). On a string or line, you should string all the beads, except the main one. For strength, after tying each bead, tie a knot. Now thread both ends of the thread into a large bead, tie two or three knots and cut the ends with scissors (you can even melt them). The wish can be decorated with a brush. To do this, assemble the bundle of threads and insert it before knotting the knot. Make one more fixing knot, straighten the brush and trim with the scissors of its edge.

How to make beads perekidnye

Flip-flops are uncloseda contour in the form of a flat ribbon made of rectangular or cross-shaped plates typed onto a string. In order to make such an attribute, take two strands and tie one end. Then string the plates (in each case, you need to do two pairs of holes). Plates can be alternated with beads-balls.

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