Napkins square crochet: charts and descriptions. Knitting a square napkin crochet for beginners

Even today crocheted square napkins, schemeswho have come to us from grandmothers, are in great demand. Learning to knit them is not so difficult. The main thing is to master several techniques and correctly read the diagrams.

Fillet Knitting

The easiest way to knit a napkin in a lointechnique. To do this, you just need to learn how to make columns with two overlays. The essence of loin knitting is to paint some cells and leave others free. From this, a pattern is built.

napkins square crocheted scheme

We dial a series of air loops and in the fifth loop we sew a column with two overlays. Next, a chain of two loops and in the third loop a column with two crochets.

To fill the cell, as required by knittingcrochet napkins square, we sew in succession four posts with two crochets. They will be the same width as the empty cage. The alternation of filled and free cells forms a pattern.

At the end of work, the edge of the product must be tied with a border pattern. The simplest of them is the fans. To do this, it is sufficient to alternate several columns with a crochet in one loop and half-columns.

Napkin made of pineapple motifs

After you master the knitting loin, you can start knitting and more complex napkins square with a crochet. Schemes of such products are very complex, but they are also quite simple.

 square napkin crochet with patterns

An example would be a napkin made of smallsquare motifs with pineapple. It does not fit in a circle, but from below. In this scheme, there are chains of air loops, columns with nakidami, columns without nakidov and polustolbiki.

When the bulk of the motive is ready, it is bound to the lace edge. It is the arches of the strapping that will become the places for which the motives will then be connected together.

The convenience of this method of knitting is that the craftsman can choose the size of the product herself, making it very small, and making it to the size of a tablecloth or veil.

The finished product is also obliged by an openwork pattern, which adds a finished look and elegance to the napkin. The scheme of this openwork edge is simple and understandable even to the beginning master.

And again about pineapples

Another square napkin crochet (with patternscan be found below) is based on the pattern of "pineapple". Only the principle of its mating is slightly different. It runs from the center, like most classical round products. Only in the process of knitting it is given a square shape.

square napkin crochet scheme in detail

We start from the self-tightening ring, into whichwe sew three air loops and two columns with a crochet, then two air loops and three bars with a crochet. This should be 11 bars, between which are chains of air loops.

We knit the chain of lifting and continue according to the scheme. It is quite simple and does not have complicated places. If you follow it strictly, you will not get a very large, but elegant and delicate square napkin crochet. For beginners this will not be a huge task. And professional masters can improvise a bit by adding more complex elements to the pattern.

Combined options

Above we examined the square napkins crocheted. The diagrams show in detail how to create them by one of the ways of knitting. But there are beautiful options when combining several techniques and patterns. They look more sophisticated in performance, and therefore, have great artistic value.

But to create them, you need to learn to readcomplex schemes. Without this, it is impossible to create real beauty. When this level of mastery is achieved, it will be possible to proceed with improvisation. A good master at the planning stage knows which patterns of the ray all combine and how to achieve the desired effect.

But first you need to learn to knit wipessquare crochet, whose patterns are read without much difficulty. The necessary skills come only in practice. The more products will be connected, the higher the level of understanding of the combination of different schemes and techniques.

Beautiful and unusual napkin

Even a square napkin can be started fromround motive. First, we knit a flower, whose number of petals is divided by 4. In this scheme, there are twelve. It is believed that this is the most optimal quantity.

Then the transition to a square shape is made. For this, an additional arch from the air loops is fastened in the four corners. It will become the basis for the future of the square.

crochet napkins square

After this, the pattern is built on columns with a crochet,which create a dense canvas, as if separating the round core from the square edge. And after a homogeneous pattern goes easy and delicate. It facilitates the overall appearance of the napkin, making it more refined. This is crocheting. Diagrams of napkins are pretty simple if you know the basics of the symbols.

In this particular scheme, there are chains ofair loops and columns with a crochet. In order for the product to work out, follow the diagram carefully enough. In order not to get confused by the number of air loops, the number is written on the diagram.

Useful hobby

Someone may think that the square crocheted napkins, the schemes of which we have been considering, have long been out of fashion, that knitting them is completely pointless and uninteresting.

square napkin crochet for beginners

In fact, this is not so. There are entire communities of skilled workers who not only look for beautiful ready-made schemes, but also strive to create something new and original. An example of this can serve as a sophisticated version of the fillet pattern, which is presented in the photo below.

The master has complicated it, having connected instead of usual square cells nonconventional oblique elements. From this innovation the napkin became more festive, and the main pattern stood out even more.

This shows that even the mostimperceptible changes and improvisations in conventional patterns make it possible to get the final product more refined and unusual. The main thing is not to be afraid to try to do something new.

crochet patterns napkin square


Square wipes are quite popular in many interiors. Today, again, a simple rural style is in vogue. And it can not be imagined without snow-white napkins on shelves and nightstands.

In the style of shebi-chic also great attentionis given to vintage elements. But this does not mean that the product must necessarily be old. Sometimes it's enough to do something under the old days. For example, the same napkin can be linked by grandmother schemes, which are stored in family archives.

Small square napkins look goodas stands for cups and glasses. They serve not only as a decorative element in the interior, but also protect the expensive surfaces from scratches and moisture that remain after the dishes.

So do not think that crochet napkins - it's irrelevant. Needlework is always in vogue.

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