The costume of Pinocchio with their own hands

This hero of children's fairy tales leaves the mostfavorable impressions: he is well-bred, intelligent, inquisitive and agile. A little boy will very much like to try on Pinocchio's costume for any children's celebration. One of these magical holidays is the New Year. Now I have to prepare my mother for this suit.

Pinocchio costume
Making a dress will not take much time even for inexperienced seamstresses. It will take a number of different materials, needles, threads, glue, paper and ... patience!

Very beautiful Pinocchio costume is obtained from satin fabric. If you want your child to pay attention, do not regret money for this matter.

The outfit can accurately copy the image of the book heroor differ in color and style. The costume of Pinocchio can consist of a jacket and trousers or jackets and shorts. The top can be either short or long sleeves. As a supplement to the suit is sewn a vest. The colors are better to choose bright, saturated.

burocino costume
In the photo you see the costume of Pinocchio, whichconsists of a yellow jacket and a black waistcoat, red trousers and a blue butterfly. The latter can be replaced by a wide collar - a frill. Crowns attire red cap with a blue stripe in the tone of a butterfly. And, of course, the distinctive feature of this fairy-tale hero is the nose.

It is better to find the necessary patterns in advance inpopular magazines. They may not correspond to the growth of the child, perhaps they will have to be reconstructed. The patterns found should be transferred to thick paper and cut out along the contour. Then cut the workpieces on a cloth and circle with a piece of soap or chalk, leaving about 1.5 cm for the seams. The sequence of stitching you define yourself. All seams are made from the wrong side, then ironed. Ideally smooth, they, of course, can only work on a sewing machine.

The cap is made of a dense white paper -paper, or a piece of wallpaper. Make it very simple. You need to measure the child's head, mark a triangle on the paper. Its base is the circumference of the head plus a couple of centimeters for gluing. The height of the cap is arbitrary. Cut a triangle, roll it into a hood, glue it together. Allow to dry and paint. You can attach a pompom and curls to the headdress. The curly bangs, for example, are made as follows: a rectangle of paper, previously colored yellow, cut across with strips and curled with a pencil. We glue "hair" to the headdress.

New Year's costume of Pinocchio
Buratino's long nose, too, is done by oneself. Just like for the hood, you need to make a cone of paper, only much smaller. Similar to the natural color of the nose is achieved by painting the product with pink paint. And you can make a nose immediately from colored paper. Then you should attach a rubber band to it. All is ready! If you do not want to mess around with your nose yourself, you can search the stores for ready-made solutions.

The golden key is another accessory to Pinocchio. The costume, complemented by this detail, is absolutely similar to the outfit of a book hero. The key is made from a thick cardboard, which is then wrapped in a golden foil.

Shoes can be worn any, suitable in color to suit. Everything, Buratino's New Year's suit is ready! So just give your child a holiday!

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