Heart of the balls own hands? Easily!

In Russia, aerodesign is very popular at allCelebrations - from weddings and concerts to matinees in kindergartens and schools. Why? The answer is simple - balloons are bright and beautiful, many of them can be made of festive decor, and the price for such services is not high. At weddings as decorations for a banquet hall, a wedding car, their hotel room or to launch into the sky for a walk-photo session, the heart of the balls is often used. It looks very nice and can be either small or huge, as is traditionally red, or any other, or multi-colored. Is it difficult to make a heart of balls with your own hands, or can it be performed only by masters of aerodesign?

heart of the balls with your own hands

In fact, everyone can do this decor. What will it take to make a heart of balls with your own hands?

1. Balls of a large size, from which a chain with "tails" on both sides will be made.

2. Small size balls to decorate the jumpers of the garland.

3. Foil for decoration.

So, let's start making a heart of balls with our own hands.

1. We will create a foundation, thanks to which our heart will not fly away. To do this, pour water into one bowl, tie it and put it with a tail up on a pre-spread sheet of packing foil (centered). We close the ball with foil, tying the ends. Should get a bunch, in the center of which will stick out the tail of the ball.

2. Tie a large, already inflated ball to the tail of the ball with water in the foil. Another inflated big ball is tied to the tail of the previous one and so on. The last big inflated ball is attached to the tail of the same ball of water.

how to make a heart out of balls
3. Take 2 small inflated balls, tie them together. Do the same with two more. Now the centers of these two ligaments are connected between themselves - you will get a bunch of four small balls. The number of transitions between large balls is equal to the required number of four-ties. Attach them to the junction points, twisting around large balls.

4. So, you've got a chain or an oval from a chain of big and small balls. Now it is necessary to give this design a heart shape. The junction of the two parts can be decorated with a bow of foil or other material.

So, we made a heart of the balls with our own hands. How do you put it on the wall? All is simple - use double-sided adhesive tape. If after the celebration you have uncorked the heart, and on the wall there are traces of scotch, they can be removed with kerosene.

Making a heart is better with two or three together, then this design can be created in just an hour and a half work together.

If you make a heart of balls with your own hands forlaunching into the sky, all balls (or most of them) are filled with helium from a balloon. You can do this only in the departments that specialize in aerodesign, or in any amusement park in the warm season. At the same time, the bottom ball is not filled with water.

make a heart out of balloons

How to make a heart of balls? We described only one method, but there are a lot of them - you can make a frame of wire or cardboard and string or glue balls on them, you can make many small hearts from balls of elongated shape (they need a special pump to inflate them). As you can see, making a heart from balloons to decorate the hall is not so difficult, but think about whether to take chances? If it is a question of preparing for such an important event as a wedding, it is better to contact a special agency.

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