We make beautiful and practical things from shoe boxes with our own hands

Buying a new pair of shoes in the store, we together withWe bring her home and a cardboard box. And often it happens that the boots or shoes have long been demolished, and the container from under them and lies somewhere in the closet new. Doing once again the general cleaning, do not rush to throw unnecessary shoe boxes. Of these, you can make your own hands a lot of interesting and useful things. Which ones? We are talking about this in this article. Here, to the attention of all creative people are presented the ideas of original, and most importantly - necessary in the economy of handicrafts. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them.

from boxes of shoes

Shoe Organizer

A wonderful desktop stand for books, notebooks and other office supplies you can learn to follow the instructions below. For work we prepare such materials:

  • box of shoe rectangular shape;
  • wrapping paper or a piece of new wallpaper;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • pencil.

How to make an organizer from boxes: a description of the process

We measure the length of the cardboard container and select itmiddle on the side. In this place we draw a triangle with a vertex at the bottom. Cut out this detail. It turns out on the rim a hole of a triangular shape. Similarly form the opposite side of the container. Now put the box in half, pushing its edges in opposite directions. The lower parts of the product are well glued together. We decorate the container with wrapping paper or wallpaper. Also for these purposes you can use postcards, stickers, cloth. It will look good stand for stationery, if it is painted with watercolor or acrylic paints. As a result, we get from the shoe boxes an excellent and practical organizer, consisting of two containers separated by a partition in the middle.

shoe organizer

We make a cardboard box: the preparatory stage

This idea is sure to please all women,who love jewelry and have them in large numbers. To ensure that your rings, bracelets and pendants are always in order, we suggest carrying out a casket for them from boxes of shoes. To implement this product you will need such materials and tools:

  • cardboard shoe packaging;
  • fabric (suede, velvet, plush, cathon);
  • decorative elements (lace, satin ribbons, rhinestones, patches);
  • thin foam rubber;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • glue "Moment" or "Titan";
  • ruler;
  • pencil.

Instructions for the manufacture of caskets for decorations from boxes of shoes

We measure cardboard containers from all external andinternal parties. On the fabric we transfer all the results and perform the patterns. We paste the outside with the textile. From the foam rubber cut out the workpiece, the width and length of which correspond to the measurements of the inner part of the box. This means that it should lie tightly on the bottom of the container. We glue foam rubber. From above we attach a pattern from the fabric, made according to the corresponding measurements. Similarly we make out the cover of the shoe container.

In order for the box to have an aesthetic appearance, itsyou need to decorate. Decoration of boxes from under shoes is an interesting and fascinating activity. Here, every master shows his imagination and creativity. The lid and the outer sides of the container can be pasted with lace, pate, rhinestones, fabric appliques, bows and flowers made in kanzash technique from satin ribbons. The casket is ready. It remains to put your jewelry in it.

decorating boxes from under shoes

Decorative shelves

Is it possible to make furniture from shoe boxes? The answer to this question is yes. To decorate the general interior of the house from the cardboard container, we will make a small shelf.

On the wrong side of most of the boxwe make a loop from the line by extending it through the wall of the container in two places and tying it to the knot. Then we tighten the workpiece by any texture with a cloth, the color scheme of which harmoniously fits into the overall interior. We hang the product on the wall. Naturally, you can not put heavy objects on such a shelf. But some souvenir or a bouquet of dried flowers will quite well hold onto it. Looks like this "piece of furniture" is very effective and interesting.

Toy Town

From shoe boxes we suggest you makefor their children original attributes for games. Turn cardboard containers into houses, from which you can build a whole city. Collect all the boxes in the house and sort them according to their sizes. Decide what you will do from each of these containers. Next, glue them with colored paper or the remains of new wallpapers. Perform the method of application windows and doors on the houses.

shoe boxes
Invite the child to decorate them as he wishes. You can draw curtains and flower pots in the windows. On the same principle, make out all the cardboard buildings.

Of smaller boxes in this technique, you can make toy cars. Such a town, made by the hands of Mom and Dad, will certainly enthrall your children.

As you can see, many useful things can be made from shoe packaging. Show your imagination and creativity and make your own exclusive products for home and family.

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