What you need to create unusual earrings with your own hands

In our time, earrings are one of the mostpopular and favorite jewelry. Many women wear them from early childhood, and men have not neglected this remarkable accessory lately. Materials for them are used very different - from precious metals to wood and plastic. You can even make earrings yourself.

But the history of earrings is very long andis rich. Some even believe that it begins with the times of Adam and Eve. It is absolutely certain that about seven thousand years ago in ancient Asia earrings were already made. Initially, their wearing was a privilege exclusively for men. Earrings have always symbolized the belonging of the person who carried them to a particular social stratum or class, and their significance varied greatly depending on the period in history and territorial location. For example, in ancient Egypt and Assyria, earrings were worn exclusively by representatives of the nobility, and in ancient Rome - only slaves. In the Middle Ages, the fashion for earrings then left, then returned. There was even a period of time when the Catholic Church forbade piercing ears, however, such categories of people as gypsies, thieves and pirates continued to wear earrings, regardless of prohibitions. In Russia, people also did not neglect wearing earrings; moreover, the material from which the decoration was made could be learned about a person's social status. Wood and copper were signs of a commoner, and earrings with rubies and emeralds were the lot of members of princely families.

Lovers of costume jewelry can find in shopsa lot of interesting earrings, but if you try to make earrings yourself, you can get a beautiful exclusive jewelry that you can wear yourself or give to your girlfriend. For lovers of this type of creativity, conventional and online stores offer a large selection of materials that will be useful in the work - one can not limit your own imagination. As a rule, in order to make earrings with your own hands, beads are selected from wood, glass or plastic. Pins and rings of soft metal, necessary for the creation of a carcass decoration and fastening of its parts, can be found in all sorts of specialized stores, and hooks, thanks to which, in fact, the earring and keeps in the ear, you can simply take from old unnecessary or broken earrings. In addition to beads, depending on the original idea, ribbons, pieces of leather, feathers and accessories can be used - anything that your heart desires. From the tools will come in handy pliers and pliers. Well, you can let go of your fantasy and enjoy the process. As a result, you can get decorations of varying degrees of complexity, under any outfit from the wardrobe.

If you master such a wonderful material asplastic, you can make earrings yourself, without even thinking about where to find the matching beads. They, too, can be fashioned, moreover, of any shape, size and color. In itself, plastic is very similar in properties to ordinary plasticine for modeling. However, under the influence of high temperatures, this synthetic material hardens, and then very well holds the mold. At home for the desired effect, a plastic product is enough to burn in the oven. Plastic of various colors and different brands can be purchased in any art shop. Having, also, pins, hooks and rings, you can create very nice earrings made of plastic by your own hands. Material under the influence of the heat of the hands becomes very malleable and soft, and it can be given any imaginable and unthinkable form, therefore, again, the result depends solely on the author's fantasy flight. In addition to the fact that plastic can be of every possible color, after heat treatment it can be additionally painted. Knowing how to make earrings from plastic, you can always look original and bright and realize any of your fantasies.

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