How to do a sewing stitch by hand?

Sewing is a wonderful and useful hobby, but it is notdoes without overcoming some difficulties. Which in fact are not such and can be completely solved even with minimal tailoring skills. And today we will raise the issue, which confounds the majority of newcomers in the sewing business.

What are we talking about?

Each beginning master is worried about onean essential point. While doing almost any product, you have to deal with such an important operation as the processing of seams. Perform it in different ways, but more often thanks to a device called overlock.

Carefully executed on the overlock line, outsidedoubt, pleases the eye. The product at the same time looks directly "branded". And in general, this technical device is able to facilitate the life of any skilled worker.

suture seam

Unfortunately, this expensive device is not available for each of us. Meanwhile, any seamstress does all the work from the beginning to the end wants beautifully and accurately.

What to do?

Suppose that the absence of an overlock does not bother you. You can sew a sewing stitch by hand. It's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Of course, you will have to spend much more time, but the result may look pretty decent.

What is a seam stitch? We use it for the final processing of fabrics during the sewing process. At the same time, they can be attached to individual sheets. Thanks to this, you can get a very neat tissue cut. And there are several ways to do the sewing seam by hand. And in this article we will try to touch on some of the subtleties of this work.

How it looks in the product made by sewing the seam by hand, the photo below shows quite clearly.

suture seam by hand how to start

Let's get started.

So, we do not have an overlock. Before making the sewing seam by hand, we will estimate our resources. Take the highest quality needles, preferably a well-known manufacturer. Best of all, if it is a needle with a special coating in the area of ​​the hole, called a "golden eye" in this case. Thanks to it, the thread will be easy to slice and smoothly slide through the fabric.

The numbering of needles used for manual sewing has a gradation from the 1st to the 12th number. What do these figures mean? This is the ten times its largest diameter in millimeters.

Never take a needle for work if itdulled, bent or rusted. And do not forget about the consistency of its thickness and thread. After all, the bigger the diameter of the needle, the more serious the effort will be required to push through the fabric. Accordingly, and the thread must be thick enough.

What else should I know?

In addition, you should not take a needle forembroidery, which has a blunt, that is, a specially rounded tip. It is not possible to make a sewing seam by hand using it. Its purpose is only to draw patterns along the canvas with a cross.

types of sewing sutures by hand

It will not be superfluous to use a thimble. It will protect your fingers and nails from accidental damage. And the sewing process with him will go quickly.

It is easiest to process those materials that have a high density and do not crumble very much. Work with them is easy even for beginners. With thin and loose - a bit more complicated.

Manual stitching - how to start?

When starting work, enter the needle from the wrong side of thethe front side. Tied on the thread of the bundle will remain on the reverse, that is, the wrong side. Then, stretching the thread, withdraw the needle back (in the direction from itself) to the wrong side. With further pulling of the thread, you should leave a small loop and through it along the edge of the fabric pass the needle without piercing the material.

The loop must be tightened carefully, holdingfree hand. After that the procedure is repeated. You stretch the needle to yourself, then back, enter into the loop and carefully pull it up. As a result, get a series of accurate sturdy stitches.

What else can be manual sutures? There is a so-called twist, it is used as a finishing, making out ruffles and sections. When sewing products in the atelier, they change it to a role seam.

how to do a sewing seam by hand

What does it look like?

Sewing seam by hand in this caseis performed as follows. First, a thin, taut roller is twisted from the fabric. Then he gently stretches on the left hand (on the index finger), while holding the middle and thumbs of the same hand.

Needle with a thin thread must be preparedin advance. With its help, the roller is tightly wound with a thread - stitches, which should fit together as tightly as possible. The direction of puncture with a needle is on yourself. The thickness of such a roller should not exceed a millimeter.

What is a suture stitch?

Sections of the product can be treated with a so-called manual stitching. To make a loop, you need a string of sufficient length, it should be enough to handle a whole loop or at least halves.

The order of action in this case is as follows:

  • Having constructed the first loop, we thread the beginning of the thread into it and tighten it. Then the thread is neatly placed on the side surface of the cut.
  • In the case where the thread is already ending, leave its end and thread the next stitch with a new thread without tightening the loop.

how to make a sewing seam by hand

  • The end of the old thread and the beginning of the new thread are threaded into the formed loop, after which the loop is tightened. Both ends should be laid on the side of the cut.
  • Similarly, the desired number of stitches is executed. The ends of the threads are tightened and cut off.
  • The last of the stitches is repeated twice in the same place, and the fabric should be turned inside out. The needle is brought under a couple of last stitches, stretched and cut with scissors.

Having gained some experience, any of the beginnersthe masters themselves are oriented in which of the seams it is more convenient to carry out and what exactly comes out neater. Then she will be able to determine the preferred method of processing tissue sections.

Other types of manual sewing

There are other varieties of such seams. One of them, called oblique, is quite simple. Processing the fabric, the stitches do not tighten much, placing them along the scythe so that in each running centimeter of the cut they are placed from 3 to 4 pieces. In this case, the length of each of the stitches should be about half a centimeter or slightly more.

Sewing seam by hand photo

Slightly more difficult is the suture seam calledcross-shaped. It is made almost like the previous one, but after reaching the edge of the cut, it is necessary to turn in the opposite direction (without turning the fabric) and move in the opposite direction. Stitches overlap each other crosswise.

As a result, the cut of our product is decorated with a number ofneat crosses. It should be ensured that during the entire seam the uniform stitch height, the step between them, and the same angle of inclination are observed - the stitches must be parallel, otherwise the work will not look neat.

More options

How to make a sewing stitch by hand in morecomplex version, with simulation of processing on the overlock? Work similar to the case with a seam, but at the same time through the top of the triangle from the stitches the needle should be dragged twice.

The same technique must be used when processing the corners of the product. Every needle in the triangle must "visit" at least two times!

Let's hope that this small articleproved to be useful to our industrious readers, and now everyone understands that small difficulties in sewing business are completely surmountable. Successes to all in mastering this beautiful kind of creativity!

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