Weaving from the newspaper tubes of the basket is an exciting activity

If you want to make yourself a nice basket of ordinary newsprint, then prepare the necessary material, and - for the work. Weaving baskets from newspapers - the occupation is very simple and very exciting.

For work we need: newspaper, cardboard, glue, scissors, acrylic paints or lacquer, needle, protective gloves, brushes, clean napkin and dish for the shape of the future basket.

Basketry from the newspaper tubes of the basket

The weaving of the product consists of several stages:

1. Cut along the newspaper or magazine into strips 6-8 cm wide. Let's make them quite a lot.

2. Wrap the newspaper on the needle as shown in the figure below. Begin to wind from one end of the spoke to the other.

basket making

3. Lubricate the corner of the tube with glue, we will cut off the excess. Gently stick the end of the newspaper strip and pull out a spoke. We put the parchment on a clean napkin, and in the meantime we will make the next tube in the same way. When making them, you must ensure that they are thin, and the ends have different thicknesses (so that the end of one tube could enter another).

spiral weaving from newspaper tubes

4. Spiral weaving from newspaper tubes

Put our "vine" as shown in the picture below, and start the weaving from the newspaper tubes of the basket.

basket making from newspapers

The bent tubule is imposed from above on the bottom,then pass through the bottom of the next lower, braiding the spiral crosses the tubes from above, then from below. If the length ends, you need to insert another tube into the free end and glue them together. In this way we will weave the bottom of the future basket. The extra ends of the tubes, which we braided, we will stretch between the intertwined tubes and glue them to the bottom of the future basket around the perimeter. Then we put the basket shape (a bowl, jug or something else) on the received bottom blank and continue the weaving from the newspaper tubes of the basket (now its side and its handles). To do this, we take new pipes and stretch them along the perimeter of the bottom so that around it a fence is formed from newspaper tubes standing to it perpendicularly. We weave this "fence" with newspaper tubes to the top of the basket. Extra pieces of vertical tubes, except for four, are braided at the top of the basket and glued to it. From the same four vertical we make the basket handles. The prepared basket can be painted with acrylic paints or varnished.

basket making

You can make it in another way. For the bottom, you can use two cardboard rectangles (a square, a circle or an oval), one of them is slightly larger than the other. We will glue them with thick paper. Grease a larger rectangle around the perimeter of the glue and glue a lot of paper tubes to it, as shown in the figure below.

basket making from newspapers

Top with a smaller rectangle. All glued tubes, except the upper right, bend upward and secure them. On the lower left, we will make wickerwork from the newspaper tubes of the basket in a spiral.


We will stretch the tube between the verticaltubes on one side, then on the other. The stretched "vine" is lengthened, pasting the following to it. You can not extend all the time, and after its full interlacing, glue the end to the basket. Weaving continues the next tube.

basket making

To ensure that the tubes are firmly attached, you can use the clothes pegs.

basket making
Finished product can be varnished or painted.

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