How to mold a pony simply and quickly

Probably, all the young children know the cartoon aboutsmall horses, which is called the "Might Little Pony." And most likely, every child would like to learn how to sculpt these little beautiful creatures. In this article you will learn how to make ponies from different materials, what to take into account and what tools to use.

Ponies from plasticine

To sculpt small toys-souvenirs can be from the verydifferent material. And first we will tell you about plasticine. Plasticine can be different. One features good softness and a wide palette of colors, while the other is more solid and comes in only a few colors. The first is intended for children's creativity, but the second is sculptural clay, which is used primarily to create molds for castings.

If you think how to make a pony from plasticinetogether with their children, then take a better conventional plasticine for children's creativity. It is inexpensive and soft. The main disadvantage in this material is that the crafts created from it are short-lived, can melt at high temperatures (for example, if you leave a pony in the sun) and never harden.

If you want to do sculpture and dobillets on your own, then buy a special clay. It is usually sold exclusively in specialized stores of products for painting and drawing. Such clay is more durable and harder.

how to make a pony

Blind first base - the body and neck. Then make four sausages, form a hoof and stick them to the body. From a small ball make a head. Do not forget to designate the nostrils and mouth. If you sculpt a pony from polymer clay, then at this stage, the billet should be baked, so that it is not deformed. Then, from small drops of plasticine, form the ears. From the plasticine of a different color, blind mane and tail. The hoof can be painted with paint. Pony is ready!

Papier mache

If you want to perpetuate your craft, then beforethe way to make a pony, stock up on paper or newspapers. First you dip the paper in the PVA glue, then glue it with your workpiece and wait until it dries. After that, the workpiece is cut into 2 or more parts. Then the clay is pulled out, and the workpiece is backed together. To consolidate the pony is pasted with several layers of paper.

Such a preparation can be painted (or decoupled in the technique of decoupage) for its own color and taste. And from the remaining plasticine you can blind many other animals.

how to make a pony from plasticine

Ponies from polymer clay

If you think how to make a rainbow pony, whichDo not spoil from accidental contact or fall, then it is best to use polymer clay. From this material you can sculpt and children. The only drawback of plastics is its price. For example, one block of clay weighing 56 grams costs about 3-4 times more expensive than a pack of plasticine weighing 100 grams.

In terms of its properties, plastic resembles plasticine. Its difference lies in the fact that the plastic must be baked. Then it will become firm and elastic. You must monitor the cooking temperature, otherwise the pony may burn.

Before you make a pony from white plasticineor clay, be sure to wash your hands and wipe the dust on the table. Otherwise, your work will be in small ugly specks. If on the baked product you still see stuck dust particles, then try to pin them with a needle or wipe them with a fine peel.

And now in more detail. First, divide the piece of plastic into six pieces, one of which will be noticeably larger than the others. From the largest part, form the body and neck. From the remaining pieces make the legs, the muzzle of the pony and stick them to the calf. Stitch the seams gently with your fingers. Then from two small balls of black color make eyes. White flare can be painted with paint after the pony is baked. From the two pieces of plastic, formed into droplets, blind the ears. At this stage, ponies can bake. Pay attention to the presence of fingerprints. If they are, then gently smooth them. After the toy is baked, you can begin to mold the mane and tail. To do this, roll a lot of thin sausages and then gently stick to the pony. Once again bake. Pony is ready!

how to make a rainbow pony

Tools that can help you

If you want to sculpt, then one clay andclay will not do! Therefore, before you make a pony, prepare the necessary tools. Children will benefit from plastic stacks, since they are light, cheap and can not be cut.

For molding from polymer clay can come in handya variety of tools - from sharp knives and pasta machines to extruders. For example, using an extruder, you can make a very effective curly clay. But with a paste machine you can roll the clay into thin layers, then cut out the blanks for saddles and saddlecloths.

As you can see, sculpting from plasticine and polymer clay is quite easy. The main thing is to choose the right material and brand, and also not to forget about the necessary tools.

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