How to make a box from cardboard the easiest?

Often our compatriotsthe question of how to make a cardboard box in the most simple way. This may be due to the desire to elegantly pack a gift to his wife for a new year or for a birthday. And, for example, with their help, you can sort children's toys and lay out separately for the boy and girl. In general, situations that prompted a person to think about making such a fake. The technology of how to make a box out of cardboard is not so complicated, it is within the power of everyone. In the process of creation, we need a standard set of materials and tools, which everyone has available.

How to make a box of cardboard?

Getting Ready

Before starting work it is better to collect in one placematerials and tools that may be needed in the manufacturing process. This will significantly reduce the time spent creating such an article. So, we need:

  • cardboard;
  • ruler-triangle;
  • glue;
  • a simple pencil;
  • paper for finishing the finished product.


Before you make a box of cardboard,It is necessary to apply a pencil and ruler-triangle markings. First, divide the workpiece into 2 rectangular parts. One of them should be bigger. The box itself will be made of it. But the second one, smaller, is the lid. We begin with the first.

How to make a box of cardboard?
We make two lines diagonally and define the centergrounds. On one of them we stack the angle of the ruler-triangle and select the necessary lengths of the sides. Draw them with a simple pencil. Similarly, we get the remaining two sides. Then you need to draw out the side rectangles of the package. To do this, continue each of the edges of the base with a pencil line. The length of all these lines is the same - this is the height of our box. Then the ends of the obtained markings are connected parallel to the base. Should get a cross, made up of rectangles. Now it is necessary its two lateral sides, located along the edges, to be supplemented with trapeziums for applying glue. To do this, we draw lines from both sides parallel to the side edges. Each of them along the edges is limited to sections at an angle of 45 degrees. There should be just such trapezium as a whole 4. Similarly, marking is also applied to the second blank for the lid. Only its base should be 2-3 mm larger, otherwise it will not fit on the bottom. Also, its lateral sides should be smaller.

Cut, fasten, embellish

How to make a box of cardboard, you almost know. Now it remains to carefully cut the two blanks along the outer lines. Further we make a bend along the remaining lines and fasten the side faces with the help of glue. We pause to make it dry. Now the question of how to make a box from cardboard will not bother you anymore. But it must be decorated. And then everything depends entirely on the flight of your imagination, which in this situation is best not to limit. You can paint the marker, you can use colored pencils, you can paint. But, as experience shows, in such a situation, a set of colored paper is best. Under each outer part of the box, we cut out of it and glue it on top of the cardboard. All this is done in one color. And then you can cut hearts, flowers and anything from sheets of another color, and stick them over the base. So you can make an inscription if necessary.

Gift boxes from cardboard.


So can be made not only giftboxes of cardboard, as well as any others. At the same time, you can make it exactly what you need. Well, and in accordance with their preferences to decorate it. The flight of imagination is not limited to this - take it boldly and do it!

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