Interests in contact what to write to communicate fruitfully

In this age of rapid development of electroniccommunication, and in simple terms, ways of communicating through the Internet, more and more people are making wide use of the unique opportunities provided. On the one hand, of course, nothing can replace personal communication, face to face, so to speak, but, on the other hand, if the interlocutor is on a significant geographical distance, access through the World Wide Web is the most convenient and fastest. Someone communicates with friends, relatives in another city or even a country, and someone is looking for new friends, acquaintances by interests.

To make it easier for users to search for a friendfriend and exchange information on the Internet created numerous sites - social networks, among which in Russia and the near abroad one of the leading places is the social network "Vkontakte". The interface of the account is configured in such a way as to collect as much as possible data about the interests of a person who wishes to register or join in any community, which, by the way, anyone can open and on any topic. In principle, any user has the right to decide to what extent he has to fill the interests in contact. Nothing special is being asked there, just a standard survey to determine the main interests. It's like getting to know a new team - you have to find other common points of contact. But still, to the question "what interests should be written in contact?" Should be taken seriously and can even be creative. In addition to mandatory graphs, there is also an arbitrary form in which everyone can fill interests in contact about themselves, indicating the information that he wishes. First, by this he will almost certainly find like-minded people in his hobbies and hobbies. If it is something exotic, like collecting scaly-winged night butterflies in Central Africa, it will be difficult to find colleagues in the nearest environment, but in social networks, due to its mass character (for Vkontakte, for example, it's about 100-120 million users), it's always there are people who are interested in this topic. And secondly, this is an occasion for acquaintance and communication.

In addition to simple communication networks provide andan excellent opportunity to promote your business. If a potential user has some kind of business, then definitely it is worth looking for clients among the other project participants. Therefore, filling interests in the contact that should not write questions. You should write about your product, which is offered. It is desirable that this product was really unique, then there are many who want to buy it. For WEB-masters there are also no questions about interests in contact what to write, in this section the most detailed description of your site or page and if there is really original content, moreover containing new information that is not on other sites, then success and a powerful inflow of traffic on this resource is provided. This method is one of the most effective for free promotion sites.

However, among users, sometimes, withfilling in the graphs of interests in contact what to write, there are very exotic directions. There is at the forum even a kind of competition for the most cool interests in contact. Well, for example, the theme of "dependence on independence" or "club lovers of model haircuts in intimate places", "drawing, fishing, sex" and many others.

Of course, there is a certain moderation onthe creation of themes, but its sole purpose is to match the content of the content of the resource to the Legislation of the Russian Federation, and as far as exotics are concerned, everyone has the right to choose whether to enter into these fun interests in contact or not, or, if the need for self- then its own.

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