How to remove a card from "Aliexpress": step by step guide

Many users acquire quality andinexpensive goods on the site "Aliexpress." After registration of the first order for the account of the buyer the card with which payment has been made is fixed. Over time, there may be situations when it is necessary to hide all confidential information. In such cases, users are interested in how to remove a card from "Aliexpress". This article describes how to solve this problem.

Reasons to delete a card

Some users are worried about privacy on the web. They can delete the card if necessary.

how to delete a card number with aliexpress

Often, the customer changes the service bank. Then you have to delete the card. Instead of the old data, the actual information is entered. The buyer can also delete a card that has already expired. Coping with this task is quite simple.


Before removing the card from "Aliexpress",user need to open a personal profile on the site. Then you need to switch to an account in the payment system. In the drop-down menu, select the last section "My Alipay". If the buyer had previously registered, he would immediately go to his private office. The new user should select Go to my Alipay.

Then the system will require you to re-loginon the website "AliExpress". The page on which you want to confirm the e-mail address will open. To do this, you must specify an e-mail and click on the "send email" button. Further it is required to pass under the link in the message which will come on mail.

Then it is necessary to specify the personal data (address, number and series of the passport, telephone). Then click on the "next" button.

how to remove a card with aliexpress

How to remove a card number from "AliExpress"

After authorization in Alipay, the user willthe option to change payment details is available. How to remove a card from "Aliexpress"? To do this, click on the "edit" button. A new page will open. Then click "delete" next to the card you want to remove.

A warning window will appear. It is necessary to click on the button "ok". After that, the card will be unlinked from the account. This method still works, despite the fact that from 2017 Alipay stopped servicing the clients of the trading platform.

How to delete map data from "Aliexpress" morein a fast and convenient way? To do this, click the link Then click on the "delete card" button. After that, you can sign out of the account.

how to delete map data with aliexpress

Why unbind the card from the site "Aliexpress"

If the user has issued an order, which afterreceiving for some reason did not suit him, then the buyer opens the dispute. If payment was made with the help of Alipay, then the money will be returned to that place, not to the bank card. After that, the amount on the balance can be spent only for the purchase of other goods on the trading platform "Aliexpress." You can not withdraw money from Alipay on the card.

When you make the next purchase, the amount will beis written off the balance of the account in the payment system. In this case, the card can be removed. The beginner all this will seem rather troublesome. However, there is nothing complicated. Having performed the operation for the first time, the user will already know how to remove the card from "Aliexpress".

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