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The question of how to make an electronic wallet,is very relevant, because this solution is incredibly convenient in practice. He does not tear, he is not lost in his purse, he will not pull out his pocket either. In this case, such a purse allows you to successfully and quickly pay for services and goods that were purchased on the Internet. Note that the most popular in Russia today are electronic wallets of three payment systems: Yandex.Money, WebMoney and Qiwi. If the purse "Yandex.Money" is very simple to create the same in WebMoney, it is necessary to go through a multi-stage and rather complicated registration system.

Registration in WebMoney

how to make a purse electronic
We will discuss how to make an electronic walletsystem WebMoney. For this purpose it is necessary to register in the system. To do this, visit the official website of the project and go to the appropriate section. The left part of the window will display an offer to enter a personal phone number. It is on him a little later will be sent a secret password via SMS.

Click the "Continue" button, after which yougo to the page "Personal Information", there it is necessary to fill in each line of the form with the maximum precision. Information about yourself should be indicated in accordance with the passport data, because in the future you may need to confirm your identity on the appropriate request of the system.

In case of discrepancy of information that youspecify, creating an electronic purse WebMoney, with the data of the passport, most of the very important and useful functions of the system will be unavailable. In addition, be sure to indicate your e-mail address is working, as the required password will also be sent to it.

Clicking the "Continue" button will open a page in front of you, thanks to which the information entered earlier can be checked and verified. We recommend that you give this step due attention.

E-mail as a verification tool

electronic kiwi purse
In order to continue to understand howmake an electronic wallet, you need to go to the e-mail, because the letter sent by WebMoney Team will arrive at the address specified during registration within 10 minutes. After that it is necessary to enter the received registration code in a special field on the page that will be released when you click on the link specified in this letter.

The next step is to check the phone number. This time you need to send a message in the SMS format with the specified system of dialing the digits to one of the proposed phone numbers. In this case, the payment for this SMS is made according to the tariff plan of the mobile operator.


electronic wallet webmoney
After successfully confirming the phone numberand e-mail addresses it is necessary to download the program for the electronic purse Keeper Classic - a special Webmoney application from the corresponding section of the official website of the system. Note that the download process will automatically start after you specify the e-wallet you need by clicking on the appropriate link.

If you follow the instructions of the downloadedfile, in the near future on the monitor there will be a window of the program which will be entitled Installation Complete. By clicking the Finish button in the lower right corner, you complete the installation. After that, in the "Start" section on your own computer you can find the WebMoney purse icon, it looks like a yellow ant.

If this is the case, then at this stageregistration is proceeding safely. Run the program. Next, click the checkbox next to the "Register" line. A new window will prompt you to create an access code to your own electronic wallet.

This code should be written down, as only with its help you can conduct all sorts of operations with your purses and log into the system.

How to start an electronic wallet and why do I need a key file for this?

At the next stage, the system will start generatingkey file, after which you will receive a personal identifier WMID. Strictly speaking, it is a question of the account number. The next step is very responsible and important in the registration process.

You must supply the generated key filepassword, then place in a specially designated place of the hard drive of the computer, as well as to provide additional protection on your personal removable disk.

You can use the specified key file inif there is a need to restore their rights to manage accounts in WebMoney. This situation can occur in different cases (virus attack, hard disk failure, hacking).


online wallet
So we described all the most difficult steps forcreating a WebMoney account, then everything is intuitively clear. Follow the instructions of the system. But if this procedure seemed too complicated for you, try creating an electronic "Kiwi" purse, with which you can pay for purchases or, for example, mobile services.

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