Korotkov Dmitry - American video blogger of Russian origin

The Internet has firmly and thoroughly entered ourlife, becoming its integral part. Over the past decade, the YouTube site has gained impressive popularity. What is this service? Its feature is the ability to upload various videos. So there was a special flow of bloggers - video bloggers. At will a person on the camera tells about his life, travel and so on. One of these is Dmitri Korotkov.

Korotkov Dmitry

A little about the channel

Against the background of the main audience videoblogers Dmitryold enough, as the mass of others - adolescents. A little more than 100 thousand people have signed it. In the channel header you can watch the trailer, i.e. the presentation of the channel, its thematic content. Prepare yourself for a lot of mate, inadequate jokes, etc. Despite the specific behavior, Dmitry Korotkov found his audience. Today, the channel hosts about a thousand videos, and the number of views has exceeded 30 million. In general, the quality of the recording can be assessed highly. But their content is a separate topic. Most often the plot of the videos is estimated low.

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Biography of a video blogger

Little is known about the video blog. He was born in 1990 in Kazakhstan. At the age of 13, he moved to the US with his parents (Ohio, Columbus). In the same place he went to school and went to college. He never talks about his childhood. Why is Kazakhstan considered to be his homeland? There are several reasons for this. The first is that Dmitri Korotkov has a characteristic accent. The second reason is the peculiarities of clothing, which can be called national.

Now videobloger is a quality inspector. The place of his work is the plant of the company Honda, where for several years Korotkov Dmitry has been working. His biography on this exhausts himself.

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Overview of the Internet

He became a video blogger four years ago. It was then that Dmitry Korotkov, whose photo is presented in the article, laid out his first video called "Soon, Very Soon". In it, the author, copiously covering his speech with a mat, tells how and when he will make a video for the channel. His second video was more informative, as Korotkov Dmitry told about housing in the US and what kind of houses there are, conditions. On the channel you can find playlists (a collection of videos on one topic): travel, parcels and their reviews, citizenship and so on.

In general, the quality of the channel can be called lowbecause of the large number of mates and vulgar jokes, and even the video blogger Korotkov Dmitry behaves often infantile. Although we can assume that he simply focuses on his main audience - the adolescents. Nevertheless, by the standards of the same YouTube subscribers it is not enough. Why?

The fact is that, despite the behavior of Dmitry,the content of his channel is not of value to teens. The quality of the commercials, their themes, are losing greatly to the records of other bloggers-emigrants. That is, adolescents are not interested, and adults are disgusted by his behavior and speech. Therefore, while Dmitry Korotkov does not change his channel fundamentally, he does not see him a large number of subscribers. On the other hand, he is not obliged to pursue a rating. Perhaps a person simply shares what he is interested in: cafe reviews and food delivery, travel to the USA, video from meetings with other bloggers.

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