How to create Icloud? Create an Icloud account

Cloud data storage is a new word inInternet technologies. Mobile interaction allows you to work with large volumes of documents anywhere in the world and share photos and videos with your friends. In this article, you will learn what is cloud storage and how to create an iCloud account in minutes.

What is iCloud?

The iCloud data warehouse was launched in 2011with the new operating system for iPhone iOS 5. After testing for six months, the service became available to all users of Apple products.

create icloud

iCloud is built on the principle of cloud storagePersonal data, access to which is only open to registered Apple product owners. The service allows you to save not only photos, music tracks and videos, but also backup application data. The new technology is designed to reliably place personal data outside the device, but have constant access to them anywhere in the world.

The advantage of the service is the synchronization of allgadgets that support the iOS operating system. In other words, if a person buys an iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod Touch, he can register a shared account and have access to any cloud files from each device. The main requirement for iCloud is the constant access to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

This innovative approach to data storageallows you to save time and minimize the use of flash drives. Now, any owner of the iPhone or MacBook can create an iCloud account.

create icloud account

ICloud from Apple

Each user registered in the systemhas access to a basic free-of-charge tariff, which provides 5 GB of cloud disk space. Such a volume is quite enough for storing personal photos from the phone and copies of important documents. However, if the purpose of using iCloud is to accommodate more voluminous files, such as, for example, movies or source code for graphic works, then it is always possible to use paid fees and increase the amount of memory provided. Before creating iCloud, the user will be prompted to select the appropriate tariff plan.

20 GB200 GB500 GB1 TB
39 rubles per month149 rubles per month379 rubles per month749 rubles a month

Tariff plan can always be changed in your accountpersonal cabinet iCloud. In addition, Apple customers are much more convenient and more profitable to pay by bank card right away for a whole year of operating the cloud storage.

How do I create an iCloud account?

To create an iCloud account, you needmake sure that the latest version of the iOS operating system is installed on the Apple device, namely iOS 8. If the version is obsolete, the system will first ask you to upgrade.

In order to create an account, you need to go tosection "Settings" and select the "iCloud" tab. The system will ask you to enter the Apple ID number that was assigned when the device was activated, and the password. Before creating iCloud on iPhone, you need to check if the device has been activated on Apple service.

create an icloud account

For maximum convenience, cloud storage should be configured in the same way on all available devices. After a simple account creation, you can start working with the service.

However, if the device is not already activated, the user needs to create mail. allows you to sign up to any owner of Apple technology absolutely free.

Setting up iCloud

how to create a copy in icloud

To initialize iCloud, you canuse the service startup. To do this, go to the iTunes application and select the "Startup" tab, after which all media files from the device will automatically be copied to the cloud storage. When setting up the device, you must first check the Internet connection and its correct operation.

For the security of data storage, you can alsoimage copy to the cloud the entire phone book, reminders and notes from the calendar and all incoming letters. In addition, the repository has many functions that allow you to easily transfer files between devices and secure your data.

For example, the user is away from home, but heurgently need a specific file from the MacBook. For this, it is absolutely not necessary to have the device with you. So, it's enough to synchronize his work with a mobile phone and download the necessary data at a distance, using the cloud storage. That's why it is recommended to create iCloud right away on all Apple devices.

What is family access?

The family access feature in iCloud allowsuse one account at once to several family members. At the moment, family access can be opened for six people, and for this it is not necessary to register a new account. Any family member can access the storage files and use a shared account to pay for applications.

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You can configure the Family Access group byat its discretion. For example, choose a head of the family who will act as an administrator and control family expenses. Children will be able to buy favorite applications and games only with the permission of the parent, and all their actions can be closely monitored. You can create iCloud for your family in the cloud settings. This feature will be very useful if all family members use Apple devices.

Keychain in iCloud

For ease of use of social networks ande-mail in iCloud there is a keychain function. This is true if the user has several devices that support the operating system iOS, and many accounts on various popular resources.

For a bunch of keys, just go to the section"Settings", select "iCloud" and mark the keychain item by moving the toggle switch to the "On" mode. After such a simple setup, logging into accounts of frequently visited sites will be available from both the smartphone and the Tablet PC. This will save the user from having to enter a username and password every time they log in and make access to the accounts as fast as possible.

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iCloud: how to create a backup?

No one is immune from system failures or problems related to the technical aspects of the devices. In this regard, many users are wondering how to create a copy in iCloud.

In order to have the opportunity in the futurerestore data from your mobile phone or tablet PC, the storage has the function of creating a backup of all settings and documents. This can be done through a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the "Settings" section and select the "iCloud" tab;
  2. In the window that opens, select the option "Backup";
  3. Activate the function by clicking "Copy to iCloud", and then "Create a backup copy."

Thus, in the cloud storage will beAll phone settings are saved, which can be easily restored in case of a failure. After the function is activated, the date on which the last backup was made is displayed on the screen. All ever made copies will be stored on the cloud until the user decides to destroy them.

how to create icloud on iphone

Contact iCloud

The system allows you to create a backup copy of theonly for phone settings, but also for the contact list. This will allow you to recover the necessary numbers and addresses in a matter of minutes in case of technical problems with the device or transfer them to another Apple user.

To save contacts to the cloud, it is recommendedInstall the iCloud Contacts application that is downloaded from the AppStore. With it, you can also sort the contacts already existing in the phone by groups and importance. The advantage of using contacts in iCloud is the convenience of synchronizing with a personal computer, which allows you to find the desired email addresses in a few seconds.

However, you can save important contacts just as you would create a copy in iCloud. To do this, it is not necessary to install the application.

Other Cloud Storage Options

Another useful feature of iCloud issynchronization with the iTunes application, which is created for downloading music tracks. When a user registered in the system buys a track through the application, it instantly becomes available on all Apple devices.

ICloud Drive allows you to store andview data in any formats (PDF, doc and so on). In other words, any downloaded file, whether it's a picture or a scan of the document, will automatically adjust to the resolution of the screen, regardless of the type of device.

how to create a backup

The structure of the cloud allows you to create folders andcategory, sort the downloaded files by date and name, which remotely resembles all the well-known program "Explorer" in the Windows operating system. The only difference is that for downloading and opening files you need constant access to the Internet. Therefore, any owner of the Apple device must take care of the availability of Wi-Fi or an advantageous tariff plan, which provides the communication operator used. Otherwise, it will be impossible to access your data on the cloud.

Massive hacking of iCloud accounts in 2014

Users questioned the security of the cloudstorage iCloud after in August 2014 there was a massive hacking of accounts of a number of celebrities. Personal photos and correspondence of some of the stars became available to the public. In addition, scammers began to put personal files on the auctions, demanding for them an impressive amount of money.

Apple, however, did not recognize itsfault in hacking iCloud. Therefore, the FBI immediately began an investigation, which continues to this day. Lawyers of celebrities started criminal cases against intruders with the demand to remove compromising materials from the network and to compensate for moral damage.

how to create a new icloud

After this event, the popularity of the servicesignificantly dropped, as users began to worry about the security of laying out on the cloud files. Many people preferred to return to more reliable flash drives, which do not require constant access to the Internet and retain full confidentiality.

Can I delete the iCloud account?

Delete the account is as easy as creatingiCloud mail. Moreover, you can completely destroy your personal data on the cloud service in just a few seconds. To do this, go to iCloud in the Settings tab and select the Delete Account item. The system will warn you that all files stored on the cloud will be irretrievably deleted. The user can only confirm his consent to destroy the data by entering the Apple ID and password from the account.

Cloud storage, of course, istechnological progress in the transmission and storage of data. Like any system, iCloud has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, making a decision on whether to trust your personal data to a remote service or to use a hard drive that has been verified by years is a very individual matter. In any case, before creating a new iCloud, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

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