How to Restore the Password in Classmates

Oh, those social networks! How much we spend time on them, how many games we test for strength! And to describe the joy of communicating with friends who are far away - generally difficult words! The most popular social network, no doubt, is the Classmates!

But there is one BUT! If we can not describe in words the joy of communication, then what can we say, if suddenly we can not go to a site that is so beloved to us. And all the reason - forgetfulness! Forgot your password and that's it! Good-bye, dear friends? No matter how! This article is intended to tell you how to restore the password in Classmates.

Strain the memory.

Of course, you can try to remember the password. You used to go to the site somehow. Maybe you will get enlightenment, and the password will be remembered by itself. Although unlikely. So let's move on to more logical actions, which will also save time and allow the brain to rest!

Do not unplug your mobile phone!

Yes, our phone, through which all are registered in the most popular social network. It is with a simple query that you can restore a forgotten password on Classmates.

So click the mouse on the saving caption"Forgot the password?" And, making sure that you are still using the number you indicated during registration, we confirm the request. After a few seconds there will be a melodic "trimming". Having opened the SMS, you will see an activation code. Entering it into the line, you can create a new password. Of course, it is better to remember it, so as not to worry about it again!

Knock Knock. Who's there? Postman Pechkin…

And here's another way to help youto understand the important question, how to restore the password in Odnoklassniki. It's about e-mail. Gone are the days when only cute postmen with paunchy bags inspired confidence. Today the Internet rules the world. E-mail has become indispensable for almost every user of the Web.

Social networks Classmates understand this perfectly, so they also took care of yet another way to recover a forgotten password. So, e-mail!

If for some reason you can notuse the service of password recovery by means of a mobile phone (the number was changed, the cell phone was broken, etc.), then it is necessary to choose from the list - "to recover the password via e-mail". Naturally, before you receive the activation code, you specify the e-mail address of the e-mail box - certainly the one that was specified during registration. Here, in fact, that's all. In the social network Classmates, the recovery of the login and the password occurred - just look at your mail and follow the instructions that are in the letter.

How to avoid such trouble?

Here are a few recommendations that will help you not to think about how to restore the password in Classmates.

  1. Come up with a password, so to speak,"speaking". Let it be associated with something very familiar. And do not immediately think that it's about the date of birth. There are lots of options. Is there really nothing memorable in your life?
  2. In case of emergency, store the password recordedor on a piece of paper, although it is also easy to lose, or on a computer, which is much more reliable. In case of sudden amnesia, it will be easy to "remember" it!
  3. Check if the e-mail is correct in your profile on Classmates.

We hope, our advice will help you inpassword recovery. And do not be afraid - now you know how to restore the password in Classmates. Although, a fact on the face - it's best to write the password somewhere on a piece of paper in a notebook or in a computer, but better at once and there and there. so you definitely reinsert. But, still, even if you have lost or forgotten the password, it is possible to restore it.

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