Earnings on "Android". Apps for making money on Android devices

Internet is used by almost everyonea modern person: at home, at work, or just sometimes watching the weather in the phone. In fact, it does not matter. If you know what the Internet is, then you can learn how to get paid for it. Earnings on "Android" is gaining more turns every day, and now is one of the most relevant ways to make a profit on the Internet.

Ways to earn money

earnings on android

Earnings on "Android" -applications means several options:

  • A photo. There are special programs that allow you to sell to other users photos taken by your phone or tablet. You can take certain topics from customers or take pictures on a free topic. By the way, some applications allow you to expose the most desirable value for one shot.
  • Advertising. Of course, without advertising today can not escape. But now you can also benefit from it. Earnings on "Android" can look like this: you sometimes check in certain stores, scan the barcodes of purchased goods, register on certain sites. The procedure is quite long, so you can just find a video that contains ads and view it. For it not so much pay, but nevertheless it is better, than anything.
  • Earnings on "Android" games. Also very convenient. There are some programs that offer the fulfillment of tasks. From you will need to download the game, install it and leave a review. Payment is not bad.
  • Applications for data collection. Each such application has its own specifics, carefully study it before downloading. Coping with the performance of such tasks is slightly more difficult, but higher payments.

As you can see, there are actually a lot of ways, and each of them is different in its individuality. Find something for yourself is not difficult.

Earning in the photo: Clashot

This application is considered the most popular forselling photo. To get started, you will need to install it on your Android device and register. The main advantage is that you can display pictures at your discretion, there are no clear categories of correspondence.

Among the shortcomings:

  • you can not set the price yourself;
  • you will not know where the pictures will go in the future.

Earnings on "Android" using the application Clashot depends only on you. From one transaction you get 44%, the remaining funds go to the fund of the program itself.

Clashot has its own built-in camera, howeverIt will not always be convenient to use it, because the quality of the picture may suffer. It is for this reason that it is best to take a photo from your Android device, process it and only then put it on sale through the gallery.

Tapporo advertising

earnings on android applications

Earning with the help of "Android" can be obtained andfor viewing advertising. For example, the popular application Tapporo. When it first appeared, it was a normal service for entertainment and small payments.

However, popularity has grown, with time paymentsalready passed the mark of half a million dollars. This encouraged the developers to slightly modernize the system. For viewing advertising you get virtual money, which is called ORO coins.

Of course, the big drawback is the fact thatYou can not get real money. All earned is spent only in the Tapporo store for the purchase of various applications and other things. Although, maybe you can find something interesting for yourself there.

Earn Money with Earn Money

There is a question, whether there are programs for earningson "Android", where you can get real money. Yes, such actually exist, and Earn Money is among them. See the video offered by the system, perform some very simple tasks, then get scores. These points can then be changed for real money. The application supports the PayPal payment system, from there you can already withdraw funds to another purse, if required.


  • If you give a link to your page to a friend, heon it will register and start working, you will be credited with 25 cents. Then there is a system that looks a bit like a pyramid. If a friend invites someone on his link, then you, as a first-level referral, will already be accrued not by 5%, but 10%.
  • The application can be downloaded to your phone or tablet for free.
  • Earn Money has a simple and intuitive interface, to understand the work of which will not be difficult.

The drawback is only one: the output is made on PayPal. This system is not widely known in every country. And if you transfer it to other services, for example, Webmani, the percentage is withdrawn.

Project AppRating: general information

earning money for android

Earnings on the installation of applications "Android" canto have an entertaining character. After all, you can perform not only those tasks that are related to advertising, but also gaming, and this is much more interesting. For example, one of the most popular programs to date is AppRating.

Scheme of work:

  • Download the application and install it on your device with the "Android" system.
  • A list of available jobs appears, select the one that you like the most.
  • After receiving the task, you will see a link that leads to Google Play, go over it.
  • Do all the necessary actions: download the proposed game, launch it, leave the feedback.
  • You return to your account already on Apprating.
  • About the task, press "check".
  • You receive a monetary reward.

As you can see, the scheme is quite simple, and to copewith it everyone can absolutely. The main thing is to have a wish. For the performance of tasks that ask only to download and install the game, they pay a few rubles, but you can do so very much.

Those tasks that also implymaking up a review, are paid more. Try to write a detailed, vivid tip, do not use templates. So you will be paid more attention and will often give orders with higher pay.

The minimum payment you can transferon your electronic wallet, is 50 rubles. Do not forget about the referral program, it is always and everywhere. Engage your friends and acquaintances in this way of earning, send them your link and get a steady profit of 5% from what they get.

Appendix WHAFF

programs for earning on android

Another popular program that will allowyou get a good extra earnings. The essence is simple - you carry out the proposed tasks, get a certain reward for it. Depending on the complexity of the task and the time for its execution, the amount of payment may vary.


  • Greater payment for tasks.
  • You can earn income on affiliate programs.
  • A huge selection of tasks, their constant replenishment.


  • The minimum withdrawal is $ 10.
  • There are not many ways to withdraw funds, mostly only using PayPal.

The application is pretty good, perfect for earning newcomers. You can start with this, understand the system of work and move on to other projects.

Earning Android Market

You can find the most diverse, available fordownload for free, applications for making money. "Android" is expanding every day more and more. Among such programs, Android Market is very popular. This service was created by Google and allows owners of devices based on "Android" not only to download useful applications for themselves, but also to earn on them.

earnings with android

Earnings on the project are carried out by placing their programs. They can be of two types:

  • Paid. There is a limit on countries. For example, Russia can place paid applications, but Belarus or Ukraine - no. Earnings on paid programs are quite large.
  • Free. What do citizens of those countries who do not have the opportunity to immediately break the jackpot on paid games and programs? I'll have to post free content. But do not despair, because for him, too, you can get some money. It works on banner advertising, you just place it on the page with your program. Also in the game itself you can place such chips, for the purchase of which users will need to pay.

We embody ideas

Earnings on the "Android" applications - it's veryprofitable. All you need is to post some interesting games, or useful reference books. After that, you can, without doing anything, get a good profit.

Of course, creating your game is hard. But at the same time it's very interesting, if you look. View exciting ideas, make a bright quest for the famous cartoon.

If the game you are not very interested, thenyou can go to the creation of training programs - they are always in demand. After the first payments you will be able to make sure that earning money for "Android" is quite real.

Real income from the Android Market

earnings on the internet on android

How much you can earn in the application - dependsexclusively from you. This will depend on how many users view and download the downloaded application. Remember, the main rule is that the more programs you provide, the more competitiveness you will have.

The Android Market project is acquiring new users every day, so the earnings on the Internet on "Android" also has great prospects in development.

AdverTapp - stable payments

AdverTapp - very convenient application, earningswhich is possible by performing simple tasks. As for the payment, it all depends on your ranking. For example, at the initial level you choose simple sentences - download, install the game. Payment varies, from about 3 to 5 rubles. Over time, your rating will grow and the system will provide access for high-paying jobs.


  • This application is absolutely free.
  • If you have Internet enabled, the system will constantly send notifications that a new job has been added.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • The minimum amount for the output is not set.
  • The withdrawal of funds to an electronic wallet is made in minutes.
  • The system supports Qiwi, WebMoney.


  • One can single out the only drawback of the application. It consists in the fact that sometimes in the database there is no one available for execution. This happens rarely, but it can cause some inconvenience.

Earnings on "Android" - it's real

earnings on android games

For today's money devices on the platformAlmost everyone has an Android. Many do not even realize that they have an instrument in their hands, with which you can receive a stable additional income. Or maybe some just do not believe it.

To believe or not is a personal matter for everyone. Just try it - it does not oblige. From you only need to select one of the applications described above, and install it on your phone. After that, start performing tasks and get your well-deserved money for it.

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