How to delete an album "VKontakte"

It happens that we enter your profile"VKontakte", we consider once filled in pictures, and they do not like us anymore. Here we are asking ourselves - and, in fact, how to delete the album "VKontakte"? The reasons for such a rush can be very different: banal blues, untimely criticism of our appearance, and maybe, just over time, the visual tastes changed.

Old photo albums, wedding pictures are no longer pleasing us? Several years passed, and on those

how to delete an album in contact
photos we now seem to be sillyteenagers? Or maybe we just decided to keep up with the times and place our photo albums online on more capacious, dedicated to this, resources. For example, in Instagram. If you, too, have recognized yourself, I suggest together to understand how to delete the album "VKontakte."

Full photo deleting

First of all, it should be noted that ifyou once posted your photos in public access, and they were copied by a third person, then you can hardly remove such pictures from the web. However, if you see someone in your profile have unwanted photos, you can try to write to the technical support site. If you can prove that you are in the images, they are likely to be deleted. Why not try?

How to delete an album "VKontakte"

First of all, pay attention to the menu on the left. There you will see the section "My photos". It contains all your albums. By the way, you can open albums by simply clicking on the icons of photos that are

photo albums online
are located under your personal information. Once in this section, open the album you selected, then the unwanted image. In the lower right corner under the photo you will see one more menu, which contains the delete option. That's so easy to delete any photo! However, this does not always solve the problem. Suddenly you have a few hundred, and even thousands of shots, which you need to get rid of? In this case, return to the general menu with all the photos. Find the album that you want to erase entirely, and open it with the "Edit" option. You will open a number of opportunities, among which you will be offered complete removal of the album.

How to delete the album "VKontakte" from the wall

It also happens that unwanted photosare kept on your wall. And the problem is that they, as well as your pictures from the album "Saved photos" in the same way can not be deleted. The fact is that these are technical folders, which in principle

wedding photo albums
can not be deleted. So here you will have to erase photos one by one. Only after the last album is deleted will it be out of sight.

How to delete an album "VKontakte" from the group

When you create your own community andadd the first pictures in the photo-section in it, the main album of the group is automatically created. Remember that it will not be possible to delete it later, just like the saved photos on your page. It will also have to take pictures one at a time. As for all the other folders with photos, they are removed in the group in the same way as you did in your own albums.

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