Forgot the password from the mail. How to recover login and password

Virtually all of us use the standard settools in the Internet: social networks, various messengers for informal communication and mail for correspondence in a more business format.

However, as a rule, networks conduct moretime, than in a mail box (objectively for the reason that there is a huge amount of information). And it so happened that to remember the login and password from "VKontakte" to us is easier than from the box, for example, on the "Rambler", which we go to once a week. "What to do if I forgot my password from the mail?", "How do I find out the password for a mailbox?" And many other similar questions are asked by ordinary users. The answer to them (and not only) we will give in this article.

forgot my password from mail
Principle of operation of the authorization system

So, let's start with a general description of how theauthorization of the user on the mail server. In order to enter, you are asked to enter your login and password. A login is a user identifier, which, as a rule, consists of letters and numbers, and is unique. It is also rightly called the user name on the service where he has an account (in our case, this is a mail).

In addition to the login, each account holderthere is also a password. When they are entered, a person can log into the account and thus gain access to all the information inside it. Accordingly, the account owner will face a problem in the event that they lose these two parameters. So it happens in those situations when, for example, a girl says she forgot the password from the mail. Such a problem, unfortunately, is not unique or rare, and the guys suffer from it, too.

e-mail gmail

Reliability of protection

Of course, to restore user dataa simpler procedure could be envisaged. For example, as it was before - the code word. When registering, the owner of the account was asked a secret word (for example, the mother's maiden name). After that, if the owner forgot the password of the mail, what to do - did not know, on the site he was asked the same question with the request to specify the same word. In case of coincidence of the answers, the password was reset and the person got into the account.

In fact, such a mechanism is still in effecton less secure services. True, it can not be called reliable - those who specialize in hacking other people's pages have long been practicing the procedure for selecting secret words, so the most advanced sites from such a restoration option have long since declined. They were replaced by other methods - this is an alternative mail or SMS.

mail login password

Multiple connected devices

A good option for how to restore your login andpassword, is also connecting multiple devices to your account at once. For example, if you have a smartphone, tablet and home computer, with which you regularly go to the post office, you will not be able to restore access.

For example, when you log in from a computer, you accidentally leftfrom the account and, of course, forgot his data. The output is easy to find: from another connected gadget (on which you are still in the mail) you can see the login, and then, using the settings and the password change form, reset it again. However, in order to change, you need to first guess it. If you have already logged in, then you have more attempts to do this (at least, this is how Gmail's e-mail works). And if you go through the passwords "outside" the service, then quickly get a lock on the IP address. So be careful.

Restoring username

how to recover login and password

What to do if you are not in the interestyou account, and, in addition, also forgot your username? First, you need to clarify whether you have any remedies and remedies available. For example, did you specify your phone number or an alternate email address. If so, then there should not be any problems: the login with which the account was created can be restored through one of these methods. Then, starting with the user's name, you can try to remember the one who forgot the password from the mail.

If you have not used any bindings, andthe service simply can not identify your second address or phone number, then your memory is the only remedy. It is with her help that you can try to remember the addresses of people or organizations that you contacted and ask them to write you your login (it looks like [email protected]).

Another way is to try to remember your emailthrough third-party services. This option also has the right to exist, however, if you are logged in any social network, for example. If you used one mailbox, you can go to the settings page in such a network and see what address is registered there.

Recover password

Completely different is the situation, if, for example, the girl has forgotten the password from the mail. In fact, she has a login on her hands, but there is no way to log into the account under it. How to be in this case?

forgot the password of mail what to do

Very simple! To begin with, we try to use, again, a binding. It can be SMS with a password sent to the phone number, or a letter to reset the access key, which will be sent to your second mailing address. If these options are not available, you can try to restore the password using the secret word mentioned above (this does not work for Gmail, but it still works for "Yandex"). True, for this you will need to remember such a word.

The last, the most desperate way, is just trying to pick up a password, sorting through all the possible options.

How to prevent loss

Although all services have a special formpassword recovery and login, but nevertheless in some cases even they can not help anything. As a result, mail, the login, whose password was forgotten, is simply lost, and all contacts are lost with it.

Therefore, in order to prevent this,we recommend using the means to restore your confidential information provided by the postal services. And this, as you already know: indication of an alternative mail box, phone number, secret question. There is one more elementary method - the trivial saving of your data somewhere on your computer in electronic format or simply fixing it on paper in a notebook. And then you will be sure that you will not lose access to the mailbox, if you really need it.

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