What is "Youtube" and how to use it? How to use "Youtube"?

"Youtube" is the largest global video archive,collecting every day millions of views and every second replenishing its collection of user-uploaded videos. If you are still unfamiliar with this resource - now is the time to do it.

"Youtube" is ...

Talking about what "Yutoub" and how they areTo use, first of all briefly characterize video hosting. The name You Tube is a combination of the English words "you" and "trumpet" (English-speaking slang name of the TV). In Russian transcription, you can pronounce both "Youtube" and "Youtube".

What is YouTube and how to use it?

The resource demonstrates, stores, deliversvarious video files. Any user can view all sorts of videos from the catalog, rate them, comment, share them with friends (including social networks), and upload their videos and edit them. On "Youtube" contains content for any request: news, trailers and movies, music videos, educational videos, lifhaki and master classes, video blogs, reviews, humorous videos and much more.

Figures and facts

Now a few numbers. The company "Youtube" was founded in 2005, the Russian adaptation of the site became available in 2007. It was owned by Google since 2006. Every minute about 60 hours of different videos are downloaded to the site, and about 86 thousand hours a day. In 2012, the number of daily views of content exceeded 4 billion. And it is not surprising, because "Youtube" is the world's second most visited site and the most popular video hosting. By the way, Russians are only about 2% of its audience - 51 million users.

How to use "Youtube"?

For those who want to know more about what "Youtube" is and how to use it, we'll tell you how to navigate in it, if you chose to play the role of spectator.

Register on the site

Of course, you can watch videos on the hosting and unregistered users, but the authorization on the site will give you a number of advantages:

  • you can subscribe to any vending channel - the system will notify you when new videos are released on it;
  • In the "Watched" section, all the videos you watched will be saved;
  • You can click on the "Snooze" icon to see the video later;
  • You will be able to evaluate the creations of other users and comment on them.

You can register with your email gmail.com. If you already have it, then you are automatically authorized on video hosting - it's enough just to log into the system.

Watching Videos

Open the site in your browser youtube.com. On the main page you will be offered the mostpopular videos from users. Something you need here will appear when you watch a series of videos that interest you. "Youtube" will offer content according to your preferences.

Watch the video simply: click on the icon of the video you like or on its name. When you drop the mouse cursor to the bottom of the video player, you will see a menu with useful functions: volume, video resolution, wide screen, fast scrolling to the desired location. Even lower: information about the video, comments. Immediately you can evaluate the movie by clicking on "thumb up" or "finger down".

Search Videos

Dealing further in how to correctlyuse "Youtube", you can not not affect the topic of search. It is conducted simply - at the very top of any page of the site there will be a search line where you can enter a word or phrase that characterizes what you would like to find. You can find something interesting in the "Channel Catalog" on the left, and in the "Recommendations" on the right side of the page.

how to use the YouTube partnership program


The channels here are a collection of videos from one author. Each user has his own channel, which can be filled with rollers. If you seem interested in someone else's collection, you can subscribe to it - you will receive notifications about the appearance of new content in it.

How to use the "Youtube" -channel blogger?

If you came to the site to share your creations yourself with users, your attention is the following instruction.

Before you introduce users to your work, make the appearance of the channel attractive:

  1. On one account, you can keep multiple channels at once - if your creativity or business is multifaceted.
  2. First of all, upload a quality photo-avatar to your Google account.
  3. Decorate the banner (the top long image) with a suitable collage or photo.
  4. The channel name should be "catchy", and the description - laconic and informative.
  5. Add a short trailer (how to use "YouTube" to download the video - see below), where you greet subscribers, motivate them to watch you.
  6. Customize sections of the main page - attract users with their brightest creations.
  7. Develop in "Photoshop" and download the png-icon of your channel - it will be visible in any of your videos in the lower right corner.

video editor how to use

Upload a video

After the channel has found a "face", it's time to download the first video:

  1. Users do not like "raw" video - customizeits contrast, brightness, cut unsuccessful fragments, remove the camera's "jitter", put the appropriate music in the "Video Editor Youtube" application (how to use - see below).
  2. While you have not verified your account using your mobile number, you can upload videos no longer than 15 minutes.
  3. Video can be downloaded from both PC and gadget (download for convenience the official application). Delivered as ready, and filmed just on a webcam.
  4. Just like the channel, each video should have a bright title, an exhaustive description.
  5. Tags are words by which users find your video on the web. Prescribe specific, capacious, brief descriptions - about 10 pieces.
  6. Confidentiality - public access for a limited audience.
  7. After the publication, share a link to the video with your friends on your blog, social network profile.

how to use YouTube channel

Video editor "Yutub"

It is impossible not to mention this convenient supplement, telling about what "Yutoub" is and how to use it. So, his tools:

  • brightness / contrast, auto correction;
  • stabilization of the "picture";
  • slowing / speedup playback;
  • artistic filters;
  • sound control;
  • gluing (up to 50 videos and 500 photos) and trimming the rollers;
  • video rotation;
  • adding to the video text, music, photos;
  • Add transitions and a movie-header.

how to use YouTube

Start using it simply: "Creative Studio" - "Create" - "Video Editor":

  1. Drag a video already uploaded to the track or videos.
  2. Audio: Select one of the hundreds of thousands of suggested melodies.
  3. In the right window all editing tools will be available to you.
  4. Element "Scissors" cut out the unfortunate moments.
  5. Adjust smooth transitions between parts of the video.
  6. Use the correction tools to make the image clear and bright. Pay attention to the "Stabilizer".
  7. If you want, complete the video with headings explaining the text.

affiliate program

For users, it is represented by monetization - the video will be embedded in the advertisement, for each view by its viewer, a certain amount will come to your account.

How to use the partner program "Youtube": "Creative Studio" - "Channel" - "Monetization" - "Enable". Then it's up to the site administration - after checking your channel (it may take several weeks) to your email and this section will receive notification of the decision: approval or rejection of the application. A positive solution is waiting for users with a lot of views.

how to use YouTube

You can talk endlessly about what is"Youtube" and how to use it, but it is better, as they say, once to see. After getting acquainted with the video hosting, many immediately add it to your favorite bookmarks.

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