Yandex Money Limit: Restrictions on Replenishment and Features

Know what is the limit on "Yandex. Money "is necessary for everyone who uses this electronic payment service.This depends on how much money you can enter and withdraw.With the identification procedure, you can increase the limits, then it will become even more convenient to use this service.

Electronic service "Yandex Money"

Yandex money limit

The limit on "Yandex. Money "is applied to all users without exception, both to individuals and legal entities.In general, this is an electronic payment service that operates in the open spaces of the Runet.With its help, users have the opportunity to accept payment in a variety of ways - cash, bank cards and, of course, electronic money.

You can apply this service both from a personal computer and through mobile applications. Calculations are made only in Russian rubles.

With some restrictions, settle for"Yandex Money" can even unregistered users. True, only through a special service "City payments". Those who went through a simple registration procedure and registered an electronic wallet immediately get new opportunities. For example, issue a bank card that will be attached to this account, set reminders, have wide access to various functions.

In Russia, this is one of the most popular serviceselectronic payments. Now it registered about 18 million users, every day there are several thousand new. One has only to say that just over 20% of the population at least once in their lives used their electronic purse. And this means that every fifth Russian is interested in the question of what is the limit on "Yandex Money" today.

"Yandex Money": the beginning

This electronic payment service appeared in 2002. First time, you could pay only through a special client program.

card limits Yandex money

Intuitive and user-friendly interface appearedonly in three years. Users have the opportunity to manage their accounts and finances from any computer from anywhere in the world. Then the popularity of "Yandex.Money" immediately grew dramatically.

Service Interfaces

limits yandex money withdrawal

Initially, "Yandex Money" used two types of interfaces. They were "Yandex, Wallet" and "Internet., Wallet."

Access to the first was throughweb-interface, to the second - only with the help of a specially installed program, which you had to download to your personal computer. In 2005, there was a technology that allowed not to download the program to establish an account, but simply register in the system and have access to your wallet from any device.

In 2011, the special program was finally abandoned, moving all the accounts created in it to a single web interface.

Work principles

In the system "Yandex. Money "all adhere to strict principles of work.So, the user can contribute money to his account in any of the possible ways, while at the moment when the goods or services are being paid for, the system sends electronic money to the store account from the user's account.

After that, the store presents electronicmoney to the processing center in order to obtain confirmation of their reliability and the possibility of using it. After it became known that the money had not been used before, the buyer will receive a corresponding receipt. From his account debited funds and enter the account of the store.

It is interesting that the speed of these procedures is so high that it remains almost invisible to the client. It seems to him that everything happens instantly.

User identification

cash withdrawal limit

After a simple identification procedure, you cansignificantly increase the limits in "Yandex.Money" on the input and withdrawal of funds. To do this, you must personally bring a completed application and an identity document to one of the company's offices. They are located in the largest cities of the country - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Yekaterinburg.

There are other ways. You can make a special identification payment through the Contact system, or link your account to the "Opening" bank card, or send a registered letter to the office in which there will be a statement certified by a notary.

Since 2013, the identification procedure has become simpler. Now it can be done in the offices of Euroset throughout the country.

Limits for anonymous wallets

Yandex money wallet limit

The limits of the "Yandex.Money" card for anonymous wallets are the smallest, since the user is almost not required to confirm his identity.

The balance on the wallet can not exceed 15 thousandrubles. In this case, there is a limit for one-time replenishment in the amount of the same amount. 15 thousand rubles is the maximum that you can put on your wallet for a whole day.

The total limit for spending operations is 15 thousand rubles for each. At the same time a day you can spend up to 300 thousand, and a month to half a million rubles.

For anonymous users no translations are availableelectronic funds. There is also a limit on payments. According to bank receipts, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can transfer not more than 150 thousand per month, taxes can not go more than 300 thousand monthly, and to pay fines of the traffic police no more than 100 thousand rubles a month. For the services of mobile operators can pay no more than 5 thousand rubles daily.

Nominal Wallets

Limits in Yandex money restrictions on replenishment

More opportunities are available to owners of registered purses. The limit on the balance is 60 thousand rubles.

This is the limit in Yandex Money. Restrictions on replenishment are established in one operation. At the same time, one refill from a bank card is limited to 15 thousand rubles.

Increase the ability to make and expenditureoperation. The total amount of expenditure transactions per month can reach one million rubles. The limit of the purse "Yandex. Money" for the transfer of electronic funds is limited to 200 thousand rubles a month and 60 thousand rubles for one operation.

Owners of registered purses have the rightattach a bank card to your online wallet. In this case, one expenditure transaction can not exceed 60 thousand rubles. This is the maximum amount that can be spent per day. In a month you have the right to dispose of 200 thousand rubles.

At the same time, owners of registered purses have new opportunities. For example, calculated in iTunes (you will be able to spend 15 thousand rubles at a time).

Identified wallets

Of course, the most opportunities for those who have been identified in any possible way. In this case, immediately increase the limit of the balance in the purse - up to half a million rubles.

At the same time, the total amount of replenishments per day can reach 600 thousand rubles. Up to 100 thousand rubles you can deposit into your electronic account using the Euroset salons throughout the country.

The limit of withdrawal of cash in "Yandex. Money ", provided that you have been identified, may reach three million rubles per month, while the marginal amounts that you have the right to transfer from one purse to another increase significantly - up to 400 thousand rubles at a time.

One-time limit of "Yandex Money" for withdrawal depends on what type of operation you selected. In any case, it will be significantly higher than that of anonymous users and owners of registered purses.

Thus, you can make sure that the electronic service "Yandex Money" is a modern and convenient way to manage your finances on the Internet. Almost half of Russians trust him.

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