What is AliExpress? How to register for "AliExpress"? How to order on "AliExpress"? Review of "AliExpress"

There are a lot of online stores now. But those who are clear leaders can be counted on the fingers. If you do not know what "AliExpress" is, then you have never bought Chinese goods.

This service is one of the brightestrepresentatives of the market of Chinese goods, which went beyond the country and is actively developing around the world. In this article you will find an overview of the site, the presented assortment, learn how to register on it and make a purchase.

Coming from China

Answering the question about what "Alyexpress" means, this site is a competitor to the world-famous eBay. This is the largest online resource that sells Chinese goods.

Due to the fact that there are a lot of different sellers on this site, the range of products that can be found on the resource is approaching the boundless: from a telescopic rod to pancakes and dumbbells.

what is aliexpress

Thus, "Aliexpress" (Aliexpress) isA huge marketplace where you can find many different offers from different vendors from China. Of course, many of them duplicate each other, but in such conditions it is possible to choose the most advantageous offer.

Some facts

In order to better understand what is"Aliexpress," we give the following facts. This site is a branch of a large Internet resource "Alibaba", which was created back in 1999. "Aliexpress" became an independent structure in 2010.

What is their difference? "Alibaba" is a resource that sells goods in large wholesale lots, and on "Aliexpress" sellers trade at retail. You can also find small wholesale offers.

And, if you compare with the popular eBay, then therethese sellers can be individuals who sell only one product. On the Chinese analogue of trade, entire companies and enterprises are engaged, which makes it somewhat more professional.

review aliexpress

In addition, in this trading floor, goodsare sold on the order of magnitude cheaper than on similar resources, for example, from the United States. This happens for one simple reason - everything that is produced in the world, in 99% of the cases done in China. And sites other than that country are simply engaged in buying up, getting their dividends from this.

That is, if you intentionally want to buy exactly Chinese goods, it will be cheaper to do it on "Aliexpress" than on the websites of other countries.

One of the largest retail sites in the world includes more than 50 million units of various products. The main consumers are citizens from Russia, the US and Brazil.

"Aliexpress" is convenient because the delivery of goodsis carried out around the world and you can pay for your purchase in several ways. In Russia, it is easiest to pay for products ordered on this site using Qiwi-money.

aliexpress aliexpress

The biggest shortcoming that existsToday is a bad search. Because of such a large amount of goods, sometimes it's just not possible to find exactly what is needed. Creators would do well to create an "intelligent" search, which would help users immediately find the products they need.

Overview of "Aliexpress"

Previously, the site did not support the Russian language and it was quite difficult to understand it. Now everything is different, and Russian-speaking users can surf the expanse of the resource without the past language barrier.

After the browser came to the site, you can immediatelystart looking for the right product. At the top of the page is the advertisement of those sellers who paid money for this place. On the left is the navigation menu, which divides the goods into sections and categories. This is convenient when you do not know the correct name of the product.

In the menu on the top, you can select the currency in which the value of all products sold on the site will be displayed.

Making an order

We'll figure out how to order on "Aliexpress." Suppose we need to buy a soccer ball.

In the menu on the left go to the section "Sports andEntertainment ", category" Team Sports ", the item" Football ". We see that there are a lot of goods, you can view each page in search of the necessary goods.

If there is no time for this, then in the search field,located a little higher than the displayed products, you can enter the word on which the query will be made. So we'll do, enter the "soccer ball", click on the search.

how to register on aliexpress

After that, the page displays a sea of ​​proposals with soccer balls. Choose the one that we need, determine the color and click "buy now."

This description of how to order on "Aliexpress" does not end. Next, you need to register and fill in some fields.

How to register for "Aliexpress"?

After that, the authorization check will take place. If you have an account, and you have not logged in before, you will need to enter your email address or ID-code, as well as your password. In another case, a form is immediately provided with which you can register.

To do this, just enter the e-mail addressmail, your name and surname, come up with a password and repeat it in the second field, and enter the code from the picture. In this case, the name and name must be entered in the Latin script, otherwise the site will give an error.

If you do not buy the goods at the moment, butyou want to create your account and do not know how to register for "Aliexpress", then just click on the link in the menu on the top right with the inscription "Registration". The fields will need to be filled in the same ones as described above.

Continue shopping

Earlier it was said about what "Alyexpress" is. After we registered on the site, we analyze what to do next to make a purchase.

Then click on the "Buy a product" button, a window appears in which you need to select the delivery address of the goods.

how to order an aliexpress

Specify the name and surname of the recipient (in Latin letters), from the list choose the country, address and contact phone number. Confirm the input, select the form of delivery and click "place an order".

Then you need to choose a form of payment. For convenience, you can use a bank card. Payment will be made within 24 hours.

Everything, nothing else to do is not necessary, it remains only to wait for the delivery of the goods.

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