What to do if VKontakte upload error occurred

All users of Runet, from children toelderly people have already had a personal page in the social network "VKontakte" for many years. Some see this as a great way to communicate with friends and family, for someone "VKontakte" is a way of earning or, on the contrary, rest, watching movies online and listening to your favorite music.

Unknown errors in playing music "VKontakte"

an error occurred while downloading the audio
Unfortunately, not one social. the network in the world can not work without possible errors, breakdowns and other troubles. It sometimes upsets the users who, for example, want to relax a bit, listening to their favorite songs. But often it happens that suddenly an error occurred while downloading an audio recording. It's funny, but people react to this situation very differently. Some begin to search for the reasons from their computer: they clean the cache, clean certain filters and so on. Others take frank panic, which makes write to the support service. Well, the third type agrees to just wait until the disappointing inscription "when downloading an audio recording there was an error, try to refresh the page" still disappears. Each user in this situation is right in his own way, but in any case there are a couple of general recommendations for such a case.

Problems with the user's fault

1. Be sure to check for an updated version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer. Very often this is where the whole problem lies. Often, if an error occurs while downloading an audio recording, the plug-in crashes, which is why the newer Flash Player is at fault.

there was an error trying to refresh the page

2. The most banal but sometimes effective way to update the page, then - the use of another browser or a full reboot of the computer. By the way, if when downloading an audio recording there was an error only in one browser, it might be worth reinstalling or updating to a more modern version. If this also does not help, check its compatibility with your device.

Computer error

1. One of the main reasons may be the slow speed of the Internet, which simply does not allow the playlist "VKontakte" to be played well and without errors. On special online resources you can check the speed of incoming and outgoing traffic or consult your provider by phone or online support.

an error occured while downloading the audio
2. It happens that users, trying to secure their computer, install antivirus software. This may also include an answer to the question of why an error occurred while loading the audio recording. "VKontakte" is a popular social network. a network that many programs take for a malicious site without good reason, and you can only cancel this prohibition using the settings of the antivirus system.

3. It also happens that the parameters of your operating system may not perceive some files that the computer has to deal with. It's good to check all the preset sound settings and compatibility of all drivers. Usually it takes quite a bit of time, but the result does not make you wait, and soon the music starts playing again without any problems in the usual mode.

Website Problems

1. And the sixth reason, which we, ordinary users, unfortunately can not influence - these are problems on the site servers themselves, because they store very large amounts of information, with which technology is sometimes difficult to cope with. Do not rush to contact support, because, most likely, it has already been notified and tries to fix all errors and inconveniences as soon as possible.

Very well, if you have coped with the problem,An error occurred while downloading the audio. Remember that this is the most common, very small problem, which once costs to competently solve, end it and forget it forever!

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