Internet shop "Bayon": reviews, address. Internet-shop of electronics and household appliances

You do not need to register for this store. All actions are reduced to a couple of clicks. And for registration of purchase it is necessary to mention only the number of your contact phone. Delivery is fast. It is possible to receive the goods on the day of treatment. This is what the online store "Bayon" promises to its customers. Feedback from the same users strongly disagree with these promises. Many of them are even willing to argue and produce evidence related to the violation of these promises. But you will learn about everything in this article.

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General information about the company

The company "Bayon" positions itself as a majora trade center of all-Russian significance. In the assortment of this organization a large selection of household, electronic, mobile and other equipment. In total, the catalog of the site includes more than 50,000 different products, as they say, for all occasions.

History of origin of the store

"Bayon" - online electronics store, for the first timewhich opened in early 2012. At the moment, the company claims that since its opening, representatives have personally packed and shipped more than 20,000 goods of different focus.

According to them, thanks to coordinated actionsthe teams of this organization of 100 customers from the pages of the store leave 94 satisfied customers. And this means that the degree of popular trust in the resource is extremely high. However, this is really so, you can learn by studying real customer feedback. Let's start with the positive moments that almost all customers of the store have identified.

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Where are the representations of the site "Bayon": addresses of shops

The undoubted advantage of this organization isthe fact that, unlike many other virtual supermarkets, Bayon has real offices, representative offices and even warehouses. They are open not only in Moscow, but also in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Kazan, Stavropol, Voronezh and other Russian cities.

The actual and legal address of the organization, ifbelieve the documents, completely coincides. According to these data, the main office of the organization is located in the Moscow region, in Zimki on Leningradskaya Street, possession of 39, building 6. As a guide, you can call a business center called Khimki Business Park. For visits, this department is open from 8am to 9pm (weekdays) and from 10am to half past eight in the evening (on weekends).

For buyers accessing the online store"Bayon" (reviews of most users confirm this), there is another functional department of the company. It is located on Leningradsky Highway, 16A building, building 2, on the second floor of the Metropolis Business Center.

The company's warehouse is also located in the Moscow region - Solnechnogorsk district, Perepechino village, Pridorozhnaya street, 12.

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What impression does the site leave on the customers?

Addressing to the online store "Bayon" (reviews about it you can find in this article), many users highlight the following positive points:

  • Pleasant and friendly design.
  • Convenient and friendly menu.
  • Bright and presentable advertising.
  • Possibility to choose for registration (you can simply log in through your social network account or register with a phone number and e-mail address).
  • A convenient breakdown into categories.

According to the stories of visitors to the resource, in general, the online store "Bayon" (Moscow is a city in which there is an officethis organization) leaves a positive impression. At the initial stage, everything is clear. All goods are neatly sorted by rubrics. Here you can find the following types of products:

  • Tablets and branded TVs.
  • Laptops and monoblocks.
  • System Blocks.
  • Accessories.
  • Printers, mice and other related computers, laptops.
  • Accessories.
  • Game consoles and games for PC.

All these products are marked "only from the manufacturer's warehouse" are widely represented in the organization's catalog"Bayon" (online store). Smart phones can also be found here. But only, according to users, not all of them are original (that is, counterfeits or copies of well-known brands are found). However, this is not mentioned in the online store.

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Convenience of choice and fineness of sorting

According to many buyers, to makeshopping in this store is very convenient. For example, you needed a TV. If you go to the appropriate tab, you can immediately see the most profitable offers, as well as discount items. All this offers "Bayon" (online store). Household appliances are represented here by the most famous brands and manufacturing companies. In this case, each product can be sorted by dimensions, for example, screen size, popularity, cost and additional functions.

Open company policy and communication with customers

It is noteworthy that representatives of the site alwaysOpen for new cooperation and suggestions from users. For example, if you are not satisfied with the principle of sorting goods, you can always use feedback and offer your own version of filters.

Of course, in this case there are no guarantees thatIt is your idea that will be approved. However, the option "Suggest your filter" is still there. Therefore, everyone can use it and write their own vision of sorting to the representatives of the Bayon website. Online store (laptops here really buy at a special discount) will certainly consider your offer.

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Colorful and original design

When switching to a particular product, you can immediatelynotice the unusual nature of the information. First, under the description of the model, for example, a mobile phone, a whole page is highlighted. Secondly, all of its advantages are highlighted and detailed by separate, and also accompanied by vivid photographs. By the way, the model itself is perfectly represented in the main album.

It is not only shown from different perspectives, but alsoeven accompanied by a virtual animation that rotates and visually demonstrates the product from all sides. Such an original approach to the presentation of their products, according to users, successfully implemented the online store "Bayon". Reviews of the majority of buyers approvely characterize the design of the site, as well as a way to provide information about the product.

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The presence of an additional comparison function

Some users liked the originala site option called "Comparison". It allows you to solve the problem of choosing between two specific models and demonstrates their advantages by comparison.

In order to activate this function,you must select the appropriate category and product, for example, laptops. And at the end of the general information about the models put a tick in the empty box opposite the word "Compare". On the right side of the site, the icons of the models you select will appear on the screen. To complete the action, click on the "back-and-forth" arrows. The query will be instantly processed, and a new comparison page will open. On it you will see how both models differ from each other.

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Large selection of payment options

Some users say that you can pay for the goods in any way. In particular, the following options are distinguished:

  • Credit cards.
  • Cash when ordering courier delivery.
  • By bank transfer (by bank details).
  • Thanks to the virtual currency.
  • By introducing cash through terminals.
  • With the help of mobile bank "Alfa-Click".
  • Thanks gift certificate.

Also there is an opportunity to purchase equipment incredit. Such loans can be obtained for a period not exceeding 36 months. The amount of such a loan will not exceed 3000-200 000 rubles. This type of loan does not involve a down payment, which can not but please the customers. But the size of the loan rate depends on the financial institution that provided the loan. In addition, only Russian citizens in the age range from 18 to 75 years can apply for goods on credit.

To make a loan, you must choose the right product, and in the payment option selection column, specify "On credit". According to many users, this loan is issued in only 2-3 minutes.

Possibility to receive additional discounts due to coupons

According to experienced fans of the virtualshopping, in addition to all the shares of the company, actually buy one or another product with an additional discount. And the previously purchased coupon "Bayon" will help you in this.

However, remember that such a purchase is always fraught withadditional costs, and sometimes nerves. Indeed, among representatives of coupon services, frank fraudsters and unscrupulous sellers are often found. Therefore, it is recommended in the company "Bayon" to contact the proven implementers of coupons. Or, if you want, you can check with the online store's support service, whether it accepts coupons from one of the intermediaries.

What do users say about shopping in the "Bayonne"?

Among numerous reviews about the company is realto meet not only positive, but also very unpleasant reviews. So, some buyers very much praise the site itself, its pricing policy and ease of registration. At the same time, they complain mainly about the low quality of the purchased goods, the slowness of the delivery service and the unimportance of the actions of some of the client services of the firm. They say that the promise to bring the order on the day of payment is often ignored. In this case, the delivery of goods can be repeatedly transferred to 1-3, less than 7 days.

Many people do not like the service that works withsorting of goods. Judging by some reviews, because of the confusion in the packaging of customers came completely different goods, which they did not order. Later they sent them back, and the time for receiving the order was delayed even for weeks, they said, but for months. Some describe specific cases when, when ordering one model, they received goods from the same firm, but with worse parameters. Especially this applies to mobile phones and televisions.

Many users are dissatisfied with the company's service center. From their words, it becomes clear that the employees of the company are simply wasting time. The repair time is very much, in their opinion, is very prolonged.

Others tell about the unsuccessful experience, referring tolack of control over products that are not available. For example, there were cases when, choosing a particular product and paying for it, the buyer did not receive it.

The reason for this reaction of the store was the factabsence of a specific model in the warehouse. In turn, the return of funds had to wait, according to customers, more than 10 days (although so much is allocated to this procedure officially). What is it: elementary unreachable actions, poor organization of the warehouse and managers adding positions to the catalog? It's difficult to say. However, in view of the availability of such feedback, the representatives of Bayonne should think about and conduct a thorough check of all existing services.

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