Store things for CS: GO Duststore. Customer Reviews

In the gaming industry, a huge numberof people. Someone really devotes his life to the game, giving free time to popular online toys. Also, there are people who sit down for electronic entertainment once a week, resting after difficult working days.

Both in the first and in the second case can helppopular online shooter CS: GO. After his predecessor - the legendary Counter Strike 1.6, which was played by millions of people, this version gained unprecedented success.

Skins and artifacts

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What essentially distinguishes the new CS:GO from modification 1.6, so it's the availability of special "skins" and items that are given to the player at the disposal on a permanent basis. If in the older version the "half hour game" mode was in effect, in which everyone has the opportunity to get the same weapons and character skins, then in CS: GO it is necessary to get (or rather buy, as it is about the official Steam servers). Another player can try to win certain items without investing. But, as practice shows, this way you can achieve much less. For those who want "all at once," there are services for buying things in the game. In particular, this is the store Duststore, reviews about which we will publish in the article.

Service Duststore

The proposal, which makes the administration of the site,extremely simple. At first sight it is very profitable. The player, and in this situation - the user of the site, whose reviews we will publish next, is offered to pay a small amount (for example, 100 rubles) and exchange for it a random item. The benefit may be that for a small amount of money a player (and this really does resemble a lottery) has a chance to win a more expensive item. And, thus, continue to play with some cool skin of weapons, bought "for a penny."

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On the site itself Duststore reviews, of course,the most positive. Buyers write about what steep items they fell out and how profitable they managed to play. This can not but interest other users and force them to make a purchase. As noted on other resources on Duststore reviews, this leads only to a loss of funds. Yes, it is a trivial deception.


To prevent this, you need to look moreinformation. First of all, it's important to find out about Duststore reviews on forums where there is a higher probability of finding truthful records. We managed to find several messages both on the information sites and on the players' forums, where it is unequivocally noted: Duststore is a fraud and scammers. If you do not want to lose money - do not mess!

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