How to get a Webmoney purse? How to replenish the Webmoney purse?

Webmoney is a worldwide system that works withInternet payments and virtual currency. A person can get paid money, make an online purchase, pay for services, etc. But for all these manipulations you need to get a Webmoney purse. The convenience of this method is unquestionable, since all transfers are made within 5 minutes, due to which the time for solving all financial issues is significantly reduced. At the same time the user has the opportunity at any time to withdraw their funds from the system, transfer them into real money.

make a purse webmoney


WMID is a unique account numberA record that is provided once and stays in the system forever. Despite this, it can be retrieved, but only for the same registration data. This is done in order to carry out, for example, commercial activity through one WMID, and another to apply for personal needs, etc.

Each user within his account canto get a wallet. Webmoney works with different currencies, but more on that later. A purse is a place where personal funds are stored. Any user has the right to get to himself as many cash accounts as he needs. In order to have access to your purses, you must perform the installation of the "Keeper", through which you enter the WMID. Therefore, if you decide to open a Webmoney purse, then first of all you need to register.

Registration in the system

In order to pass the registration procedure, you must first go to the official site and find the necessary link there.

When you find it, after pressing the systemmust transfer you to the page where you need to specify your mobile number. Then follows several successive steps, during which you must specify your data, mailbox, TIN, passport. After that, you will receive the appropriate notification by email and phone with confirmation of registration.

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Every new user who has not yetis checked, gets the ability to manage only Keeper Mini, which has rather modest features and a restriction on the daily transfer of funds, which can protect its owner from unauthorized hacking and theft of funds. So, if this happens, the owner can incur only insignificant losses. Log into this "Keeper" is using a username and password.

During the first entry, it should be noted, there isDo you already have a previously created account and you just want to add one more authorization tool or are you new. Apparently, in this "keeper" of wallets does not exist yet. In order to create them, you need to find the "+" icon, then "Add", and then select the necessary currency. All payment transactions in this "Keeper" pass mandatory SMS-confirmation, you can remove it in the settings.

how to get a webmoney purse


Before you start a Webmoney wallet, anyonethe user needs to become familiar with the term "certificate". This is nothing more than a personal identifier, through which the system can recognize you, something like a virtual passport. Such certificates are of several types, namely:

  1. A nickname certificate is issued to those users who chose not to provide their personal identity data. In this case, there are some restrictions on the services of the system.
  2. A formal certificate is issued ifyou filled out personal information about yourself and provided confirmation in the form of scanned documents. It is the base and most common among the participants of the system.
  3. Personal passport is issued to those users,who applied to an authorized representative office for personal confirmation of documents and compliance of their person with them. Due to this, the system participant has access to some additional functions, such as the ability to take out a loan.

Kinds of wallets

Before you start an electronic purse Webmoney, you need to understand what kind of finance is needed, because the currency symbols are somewhat different from the generally accepted abbreviations in the world:

  • US dollars are WMZ (Z).
  • Russian rubles are WMR (R).
  • The Ukrainian hryvnia is WMU (U).
  • Euro - WME (E).
  • Belarusian rubles - WMB (B).
  • Gold is WMG (G).

These are the main types that will be available to the user, not counting the wallets for credit transactions.

to get a purse in webmoney in belarus

Creating a wallet

Any member of the system has the ability to create just as many wallets as he needs. Just once it is worth noting that there is no need for extra, as they will not be possible to remove them.

Consider the creation of wallets on the example of "KeeperMini. "First, you need to carefully consider everything that appeared before your eyes in order to quickly navigate. Now you need to find the appropriate tab on which will be written" Purses. "After clicking the corresponding window opens, where when you click" Add more "a special page, you need to select the equivalent, for example, US dollars, after reading the user agreement and accepting it, click on the "Create." If everything is done correctly, the purse will instantly appear in "Kip Here you can create only one purse for one currency.If this is not enough for a user, you need to use other input methods, for example, Keeper Classic.

By the way, in "Keeper Classic" the whole process is similar.

how to get an electronic wallet webmoney

How to get a Webmoney purse in Belarus?

Actually, it's to register fromany country, and even more so from the CIS, there is nothing complicated. It all boils down to simply pointing in the registration form all the necessary data about your actual location, whether it be Belarus or another country. Similarly, you can get a purse Webmoney in Ukraine.

As for beginners, the best option will be Keeper Mini, as there is the most simple registration, which takes no more than 2 minutes.

At the same time, "Keeper Light" will be more difficultfor registration. The most difficult will remain Keeper Classic because it needs to be installed on your PC, and then save a special key file. But in fact it is also the most protected, not to mention all its capabilities.

For the convenience of users there is also a mobile version, it is easy to install, fast in registration, but is limited in its functions.

Operations with purses

create a purse in webmoney in ukraine

After the Webmoney-purse was successful,it should be replenished. You can do this in various ways, based on where you live and what kind of funds you have. At once it is necessary to note that there are a lot of such methods, and from all that the official site offers, it is worth noting the following:

  • C bank card online.
  • Payment terminals.
  • Internet banking.
  • Electronic money.
  • From a mobile phone account.
  • Through the cash registers of retail chains.
  • Transfer to the Guarantor for safekeeping.
  • Through the bank branch.
  • Remittance.
  • Postal transfer.
  • Prepaid cards and vouchers.
  • ATMs.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Exchange Webmoney.

As you can see, the list is reallyimpressive, and, if necessary, everyone will find for themselves the preferred method. The difference is only in the interest rate of the commission and the time of receipt of funds for the purse. Only it is necessary to adhere to the mandatory sequence: first we start Webmoney purse, we understand how to use it, and after that we replenish it.

In some cases, with direct payment to youjust specify your wallet number in the selected currency. For other methods, for example, when purchasing a card, through an authorized sales point, this is not necessary. Since everything is done either in the "Keeper" itself, or through the official website. So to get a purse Webmoney - even half the battle, you need to properly dispose of it, replenish and withdraw funds.

how to make and replenish webmoney purse

Be careful - scammers!

Summarizing all of the above, it is worthnote that after we wind up Webmoney's purse, additional responsibility falls on our shoulders, because money likes accuracy and frugality. Therefore, in no case should we forget about such problems as scammers and scammers. You can never trust a "miracle" -exchange e-currency exchange, which offers very profitable courses, you should not transfer money to those accounts (if it's not your friend) who can not provide you with a bill of payment. And in general, in the case of any non-standard situation, it's better to double-check everything on the official Webmoney site or ask your more experienced comrades to be at the broken trough.

Now you know how to make and refillWebmoney-purse, without experiencing any problems at all, and how not to fall for tricks of speculators. Remember that all money loves the account and careful storage, and there is no difference, they lie in a real wallet or in a virtual purse.

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