Nonna Viktorovna Bodrova - the first announcer of the program "Time"

The news program "Time" is known to everyonea resident of our vast country. For almost 50-year history, it has undergone many changes, but it remains one of the most popular and rating programs of television. One of the first leading news in the distant 60's was Nonna Viktorovna Bodrova.

Childhood and youth

Nonna Viktorovna Bodrova (maiden nameBogdanovich) was born on December 17, 1928 in the city of Leningrad. In the 50 years, following her childhood dream - to become an actress, she graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. Her classmates were popular actors of that time - Evgeni Evstigneev and Tatyana Doronina. After graduating from the Moscow Art Theater Nonna almost immediately got on Central TV, although she got a tempting offer to work in the theater. But she was not destined to become an actress.

Work on a blue screen

Since the late 50-ies it becomes permanentannouncer of the news program "Time". In the frame Nona Viktorovna Bodrov has always been strict, disciplined and precise, as befits a news anchor. The viewers loved her for the excellent Russian language, the excellent speech delivered and the confidence that she evoked. Gradually the program "Time" became the most popular TV show on the screen. During the Soviet period, over 100 million people visited it. As a reward for the hard work of TV presenter Nonna Viktorovna Bodrovoy were awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR and laureate of the State Prize of the USSR.

TV presenter nonna Viktorovna Bodrov
According to the announcer, she dedicated allhis life to one cause - his work, and is happy that he never doubted the correctness of this decision. Her colleague Angelina Vovk said: "She had two guides in life: the personal life of Nonna Viktorovna Bodrovoy (her family) and her work". Surprisingly, with such seemingly incredible popularity about the family Nonna Viktorovna very little is known. It is known only that she was married to Boris Bodrov, who courageously fought at the front during the Great Patriotic War. He was badly injured and was permanently disabled. After the end of the war, he studied for a journalist in GITIS. This specialty became his business of life. Boris and Nonna have only one son - Boris.
nonna viktorna vigorous personal life

Joint work with Igor Kirillov

Almost from the first days of the appearance on the screenNonna Viktorovna led the program together with her colleague - Igor Kirillov. Together they worked for many years and had very good relations. Igor Leonidovich was also one of the first announcers to be seen by viewers. About Nonna Viktorovna in his interview, he spoke of as a man incredibly modest not only internally, but also externally. According to him, Nonna Bodrova was like a teacher - kind, balanced and calm, so she fell in love with the country.

nonna viktorna vigorous

Favorite viewer, Honored ArtistThe Soviet Union died on January 31, 2009 from lung disease. According to Nonna Viktorovna's son, Boris, the illness overtook her very quickly. A year earlier, she had treated blood clots, and, in his opinion, this was the reason for his mother's sudden death. Nonna Viktorovna Bodrova lived a long and eventful life. And forever will remain in the memory of colleagues and those who remember her viewers.

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