"Paradise Lost": the actors who played in the film

Films can be different. Some are created to give a cheerful and easy evening to two people or a noisy company. Others better look without unnecessary eyes, fuss, tuned to a wave of reflection. Of particular interest are paintings that describe the life of people known to the world. They tell their story from a new angle, changing the usual opinion of society. A film with a somewhat philosophical and biblical name "Paradise Lost", the actors of which tell us the story of a simple guy who met Pablo Escobar's family, is one of them.

Famous person

Love, honor, choice, survival - all this is "Paradise Lost." The actors and the roles they performed, were to tell a story that struck to the core.

Pablo Escobar (Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria), andmore precisely, his life, became the basis for creating a picture. For the whole world, he was the embodiment of cruelty and violence. One of the most famous and influential figures in the criminal business, Pablo Escobar was of very extraordinary origin. The son of a farmer and a teacher, once a typical Colombian boy, later became a drug baron whose principles terrified people.

lost paradise actors

Researchers give only about the number of lives that the Escobar gang broke - 10,000 people.

Someone considered him a real advocate of the poor andRobin Hood, because he not only distributed part of his capital to people, but also built for them housing. For this the population praised it, and on the city hung posters with the image of the drug lord and the signature "Saint Pablo".

Sentimentality and love for the family accelerateddeath Escobar. While on the run, he still called his wife, and the police was able to track his location. The drug baron died from a shot in the head, which the sniper did.

Colombian coloring

Hollywood has a special passion for the greatpersonalities of the underworld. In the film "Paradise Lost" actor Benicio Del Toro played the world-famous Pablo Escobar. Colorful appearance and the ability to experience the truly difficult characters allowed him to perfectly perform his role.

lost paradise film actors

However, the film is interesting, above all, in that it does notis a continuous adaptation of the biography of Escobar. He remains in the background, as the plot unfolds around the young guy Nick, who came to visit his brother. Such a director's move provided a lot of opportunities for the creators of the film.

The main character

Pablo Escobar is very strong and unordinarypersonality, but the writers and directors were able to skillfully present it in moderate doses, without eclipsing the main character, Nick, who played in the movie "Paradise Lost" actor Josh Hutcherson.

His character - a simple American guy, a soul eager for extreme and adventure. He is fond of surfing and decides to visit his brother, who lives in Colombia.

The lost paradise of actors and roles

On the picturesque bank, Nick meets the beautifula girl with a gentle name Maria. Young people fall in love and have a relationship. However, soon the guy finds out that his lover is not from a simple family. Her uncle Pablo Escobar is a cruel drug lord and enemy of America.

The girl shows Nick the other side of the life of the criminal leader. He is adored by local residents, whom he builds housing and distributes money.

Escobar himself refers to a stranger with disbelief,but then gives him the chance to enter the family. Only now does Nick understand how dangerous and cruel life has become around him, that behind smiles and rejoicing lies the ruthlessness and struggle for survival.

Some of the critics give a low score to the game of JoshHatcherson in this movie. They argue that the role of the guy, whose fate involuntarily began to depend on the world of drug business, was not given to the actor. Uncomplicated, from the psychological point of view, where the hero simply drinks beer in his underpants and talks about serious things, turn into an absurd comedy.

Perhaps, the actor must still "grow" to suchdramatic roles, after all most recently he played in the pictures focused on a teenage audience. However, viewers often disagree with the opinion of critics, so to give your own assessment, it is worth watching the film.

Real feelings

The love story of the actors of the "Lost Paradise" ClaudiaTraisak and Josh Hutcherson from the screen turned into a real one. After filming the movie, the fans watched for a long time fresh photos of the kissing couple. Perhaps the screen Nick and Maria could not express everything on the site, and therefore their relationship grew into a romantic beyond.

film lost paradise actors and roles

The actors of "Lost Paradise" showed a love story, the backdrop for which was the underworld. Without romance, without adventures - only rudeness, violence and loyalty to other people's principles.

Feature film

The film "Paradise Lost", actors and roles in whichare selected with precision and professionalism - the merit of the entire team of creators, as well as the director Andrea Di Stefano. The image of the famous drug lord allowed to attract a serious, mature audience, whereas the love of the two young heroes and its dramatic development interested the youth.

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