Biography of the singer of Glory - one of the most promising performers of the Russian stage

biography of the singer of glory

Scathing behavior, bright appearance andundoubted singing talent contributed to the fact that the singer Slava, whose biography will be examined by us today, has become the center of public attention. It is interesting that, before appearing on stage, the girl tried herself in psychology, and in linguistics, and in tourism, and even worked in casinos as an administrator. Biography of the singer of Glory is full of interesting accidents, which led her to fame. Let's find out which ones!

Biography of the singer of Glory: the childhood and the youth of the actress

In 1980 in Moscow in the family of Slanevsky was borna girl who was called Anastasia. It happened on May 15. Nastya was fond of sports since childhood - she was engaged in volleyball, she also loved to sing in karaoke, knew a lot of foreign and Russian songs by heart. Her parents divorced when she was barely two years old, so she always lacked paternal love. According to the singer, she always felt like an ugly duckling, often fought with the boys and thought that no one in this world does not like her. At that time, she could not even imagine that soon she will have a lot of admirers and admirers of her talent.

Biography of the singer of Glory: difficult times

Despite the fact that the artist from childhood knew how toit is - to live in an incomplete family, she repeated the fate of her mother. With her first husband, Anastasia divorced and was left alone with the baby in her arms. The singer remembers that it was very hard for her to live on her casino administrator's salary. At that time, she came to realize what she really needs to do in life. She wanted to sing, and not at all in karaoke, but on the big stage.

singer glory biography

Singer Glory: Biography - Family

To climb a musical Olympus girl helped hera well-to-do boyfriend whom she met once in a restaurant. As she recalls, then she and her friends came to an expensive institution just to rest. Acquaintance with Danilitsky Anatoly, co-owner of Aeroflot, completely changed her life. He not only endowed her with expensive things, from diamonds to real estate, but also helped to realize her dream. Thanks to the financial support of Anatoly Antonovich, Anastasia became a singer with a stage name Slava. Recently, lovers have become spouses, and they do not at all get in the way of a big age difference: Anatoly is older than Glory for 28 years. Together they raise two daughters: the eldest daughter of Glory from the first marriage to Alexander and the younger, the common to Antonina.

singer glory biography family

Biography of the singer of Glory: achievements in his career

The first hit in the performance of Glory was the song"I love and I hate," which blew up all the charts. For the first two years of her creative activity, Slava gave hundreds of concerts, she released her first album called "Fellowship." In total, in its arsenal are three albums, nine clips, a role in the movie "Paragraph 78". The singer has repeatedly participated in the annual concert called "New songs about the main thing." For the song "Cool" Slava received the "Golden Gramophone", and for "Loneliness" - the "Song of the Year" award.

In parallel with the work, Slava is engaged in charity: she regularly participates in actions and events dedicated to helping HIV-infected people.

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