Filmography of actress Karen David

Karen David is an American Indian actressorigin, played in many famous films and serials. On her account, the main role in the fantasy series "Galavant", small roles in the movies "Black Thunder" and "Batman: The Beginning."


Karen David was born in the Indian city of Shillong in1979. Her father is a Jew, her mother is an Indian. Shortly after the birth of her daughter, Karen's parents moved to Canada, where the future actress lived until she was seventeen. After graduation, Karen, adamant in her desire to become an actress, moved to London, where she entered Guilfordsuyu acting school.

His first role in the movie Karen David was in 2003. The beginning actress played Nita in the melodrama "The Queen of Bollywood" by British director Jeremy Wooding.

Karen David

Career in cinema

After the movie "The Queen of Bollywood" Karen Davidsome time was shot in episodes. In 2006 she received the role of Asha in the biographical drama "Provocated", specially for which she recorded the song Alive.

The next film, which is worth noting in herfilmography - action movie "The Scorpion King 2", in which the actress starred along with Michael Kopon. This film can be safely called a breakthrough in the career of the actress, because it was her first major role.

In 2009, Karen played a small role in the popular American comedy "The formula of love for prisoners of marriage."

Karen David Movies

Two years later, the actress starred in the first in her career mystical thriller - "Red Lights" Rodrigo Cortes. Its partners in the frame were Robert de Niro and Sigourney Weaver.

You can still list movies for a long time, in whichplayed by Karen David. Films with her participation were a success, but the actress paid time and television projects. She performed one of the main roles in the series "Once in a Fairy Tale", played Isabella in the fantastic television series "Galavant", appeared in several episodes of "Castle", starred in the drama "Waterloo Street."

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