David Caruso: biography, filmography and personal life

In this article, let's talk about an American actor,which is best known to the viewer as Lieutenant Horatio Kane in the television series "C.S.I .: Crime Scene Miami," - David Caruso. Discuss his childhood, career and personal life, consider the filmography of the actor.


Born David Caruso on January 7, 1956 in the poorNew York district of Queens. The boy's father worked as an editor in the local newspaper, his mother as a librarian. When David was one and a half years old, his father left the family, the boy's education lay on his mother's shoulders.

David Caruso

David's family was Catholic, so the future actor received his first education in religious schools. He was originally trained in primary and secondary school in Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, and then was transferred to the school of Archbishop Molloy, with which it will be released in 1974.


For the first time, David Caruso appeared as an actor in the film Getting Wasted, which was released in the 1980syear. The beginning actor played the role of Danny. In the next ten years of his life, Caruso appeared in many films and serials, but the popularity did not bring this to the actor, since most of the roles were episodic or secondary.

Among the interesting facts, I would like to note thatDavid during the filming in the movie "Hudson Hawk" in order to get used to the role, did not talk with colleagues on the set, as his character in the story was dumb.

In 1993 Caruso's career went to takeoff - an actorwas approved for the main role in the television series "The Police of New York", in which the detective John Kelly played. In the future, for the role played in this project, David Caruso will be awarded the "Golden Globe" in the category "For the best male role in the series." There will be one season of the series - and the actor will not be removed further because of the received refusal to increase the fee. After the decision, Caruso will be in the sixth position of the list of "10 of the biggest mistakes in the history of television, " published in the TV weekly TV Guide.

david caruso movies

Next, the actor will appear in low-budget films, which he will not be particularly popular.

In 2002, David Caruso, whose films appear on the screen less and less, appears in the series "C.S.I .: Crime Scene Miami," which starred in the role Lieutenant Horatio Kane. In 2012, the project was stopped.


Throughout his career, David Caruso performed more than one dozen roles. The filmography of the actor is indicated below (in brackets the year the film was released):

  • "Caution" - Tom played (1980).
  • "Officer and gentleman" - character Topper Daniels (1982).
  • "Rambo: First Blood" - Deputy Mitch (1982).
  • "Hill Street Blues" - Tommy Meng (1981-1983).
  • "Blue City" - played the role of Joey Rayford (1986).
  • "Twins" - played by Ala Greco (1988).
  • "King of New York" - Dennis Gilley (1990).
  • The Hudson Hawk is a character in Kit Kath (1991).
  • "Mad Dog and Gloria" - played the role of Mike (1993).
  • "Kiss of Death" guy Jimmy (1995).
  • "Proof of Life" - played Dino (2000).
  • "C.S.I .: Crime Scene Miami" - Horatio Kane (2002-2012).

Personal life

David Caruso, whose personal life is full of intrigue, was twice married.

For the first time the actor married actress Rachel Tikotin, in a marriage on June 1, 1984, the couple had a daughter named Grett.

david carrouso private life

In 2004, during the filming of David met with the actress Lisa Marquez, in September of the same year the couple began to live a civil marriage. It will take exactly a year - and Lisa will give birth to her beloved son, who will be called Marquez Anthony. In 2007, the couple will have another child - a daughter Paloma Raquel. After the birth of the daughter, the couple will part.

Next, Lisa Marquez will file an action against the actor, she will ask for a lawsuit 1 Million Dollars for the maintenance of their minor children. The court issue will be resolved in favor of the spouse, but Caruso did not hurry to fulfill his duties. As a result, the actor was filed a second lawsuit, where, in addition to the original amount, Marquez asked to recover the moral damage and payment for monthly maintenance. In addition to all of the above, the girl asked to write in her name the estate Sherman Oaks.

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