Painting "Bather" Picasso - the origins of cubism

The image of a naked female body wasa favorite motive for artists of the Renaissance. In the art of the XX century, it was also in demand and was used by many renowned painters. Often found in the work of Pablo Picasso - a talented Spanish sculptor, graphic artist, ceramist, designer, as well as the founder of Cubism. However, the painting "Bather", written by the artist in 1908-1909, is something more than just a nude nature. This is a challenge to the art of its time.

Bathers of Picasso

"Bather" by Pablo Picasso (1908-1909)chronologically refers to the "African" period of creativity. She continues one of the favorite motifs of the artist's painting - nude nature. At this time, Picasso creates a number of paintings on this subject, the main role in them is assigned to the image of the female body. The motif of primordial nature, fusion with nature is underlined.

picture bather
Interestingly, the bathers accompany the artistand in subsequent periods of creativity. He writes them year after year, performing in different styles. Very interesting is the picture "Bather", created by Pablo Picasso in 1908-1909. Its significance lies in the fact that elements of Cubism first appear in it.

Coup in Painting

For many centuries, artists have followedthe principles of painting, laid down during the Renaissance, for which the perspective is presented from one point of view. Therefore, so revolutionary was written by Pablo Picasso picture "Bather". The artist for the first time openly challenges the traditions, depicting the object from different angles.

On this canvas a woman's body is depictedsimultaneously in full face, and in profile. At the same time, the figure is unnaturally turned out and is located absolutely differently, as it would have looked under the traditional manner of execution. However, in Picasso, she looks completely organic and convincing. It is this picture that becomes the embodiment of a new concept of the image of an object - to write some or other figures not in the way they really look, but in the way the creator represents them.

Picture Information

Pablo Picasso painted this painting at the age of 27years in Paris. The woman who inspired him to create it, was the first serious love of the artist - Fernanda Olivier. She significantly influenced the work of the painter and was a muse and a model for many of his works.

picture bather painter
Currently, the painting "Bather" is in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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