"Just Jackson" - actors and features of the film

Today we will discuss the film "Just Jackson". Actors and roles will be presented further. It's about a picture that came out in 2012 and combines the genres of a detective and a criminal film. The director was Leonid Plyaskin. Scenario of Maxim Esaulov and Dmitry Filippov. Operator's work of Alexander Shtanov. Composers were Kamil Abdullin and Maxim Koshevarov.


just jackson actors
First, we discuss the plot of the movie "Just Jackson". Actors and roles will be presented further. The protagonist - Jackson, is investigating the case of the disappearance of the former chief of criminal investigation Degtyarev. He detains the owner of the car, in which the young man was taken by force. It's about a possible suspect.

In the car of the alleged kidnapper, the herofinds a bag full of money. These bills were stolen during a series of murders and robberies of collectors. The detained Ivchenko refuses to testify with Khmeleva, who is leading his case. Jackson at the same time realizes that this criminal remains the only thread that binds both businesses - robbery attacks on armored cars of banks and the kidnapping of Degtyarev. The version is confirmed in a sad way.

Key players

just jackson actors and roles
Major Eugene Ivanov and intern Sergei Good - the main characters in the movie "Just Jackson". Actors Dmitry Bykovsky-Romashov and Andrei Gorbachev performed these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

D. Bykovsky was born in 1969, on January 29th. Up to 14 years he lived in Central Asia. He served in Hungary, got in reconnaissance landing company. He was educated at the Voronezh Academy of Arts, on the course of V. Topolagi. He studied at GITIS, in the studio of A. Borodin. He plays in the St. Petersburg Bolshoi Drama Theater named after G. Tovstonogov. He is the soloist of the group "Pyatiletka". He chose the style of the Russian chanson. In the team acted under the pseudonym Dmitry Bykov.

Andrei Gorbachev was born in 1987, on the 10th of March. He studied at the Academy of Theater Arts, in the course of AD Andreev. He is an invited actor in the theater of Akimov's comedy and Pushkin's School.

Roman Bokashevsky played Alexei Ivchenko. Valentina Tikhomirova and investigator Khmeleva are the two main female characters in the movie "Simply Jackson". Actors Ekaterina Suvorova and D. Jurgens performed these roles. Grigory Orlov embodied the image of Alexei Degtyarev.

Other heroes

the film is just jackson actors and roles
Andrey Tyutin and Kamov are two characters of the film"Just Jackson." Actors Alexei Fyodorov and Leonid Lutsenko performed these roles. Ilya Katuntsev played Petrova. Konstantin Voronuk and Khomyakov also appear in the plot of the movie "Just Jackson". Actors Andrei Gulnev and A. Bordukhayev performed these roles. Cyril Taskin appeared in the film as Ilyasov. Elizaveta Prilepskaya was remembered by the audience as Verka. V. Lemeshonok played Anton Degtyarev. Sergey Velikanov embodied the image of Colonel Ivan Arkhangelsky.

Andrei Mokeev played Petr Khanin. Alexey Nazarov embodied the image of the seller of a gift shop. Evgeni Kataev remembered the audience as an investigator Sergeev. Irina Patrakova appeared in the story as an investigator Natasha. Konstantin Filchenkov was remembered by the audience as a member of the CSS.

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