"Very Scary Movie 3" - the actors and the plot of the film

Today we will talk about the film "Very scarymovie 3 ". Actors and roles are presented below. It's about the comedy-parody film of 2003 by director David Zucker. This is the third part of the eponymous series of paintings.


very scary movie 3 actors
First, we discuss the plot of the movie "Very Scary Movie 3". Actors Anna Faris and R. Hall performed the main roles.

At the beginning of the action, the heroes of Beck and Kate discussvideo recording. It's something like a damn cassette of the horror "Call". At the same time, Tom Logan and his brother George outside of Washington on the farm find circles on the fields, supplemented with the inscription "Object of attack". Also in the story appears the journalist Cindy Campbell. She in the news reports the appearance of circles. Later, a girl from the school takes away Cody's nephew. Teacher in this institution works Branda Mix - a friend of Cindy Campbell. This is how the collisions of several lines of the film begin. The tape parodies the stories of many famous films.

Key players

Cindy and Brenda Mix are the main characters in the movie "Scary Movie 3". Actors Anna Faris and R. Hall performed these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Anna Kay Faris is an actress and singer. She is best known for her role in the movie "A Very Scary Movie". Karen, her mother, worked as a teacher. Jack Faris, father, is a sociologist at Washington University. The actress has a younger brother named Robert. He is a professor of sociology, working in Davis at the University of California. The actress has French, German, English and Irish roots. At 6 years old, she and her family went to Edmonds.

Regina Hall is an American actress. Known for participation in the film "A very scary movie". She also played in the films "Shafer", "Witness at the wedding 2", "Think like a man", "What happened last night."

Simon Rex played George. We are talking about an actor, a comedian, a TV presenter, a rapper, a music producer. Known thanks to participation in the project "Very Scary Movie" and a series called "For What I Love You". He was born in San Francisco. The only child in the family Zoe and Paul Katraytov. He worked on the channel MTV vidzheem. As a guest I participated in a number of shows: "Eternal Summer", "Widow's Love", "Malibu Rescuers", "Felicity", "Eli". In the sitcom entitled "For what I love you" he got the main male role.

Other heroes

very scary movie 3 actors and roles
Tom and Mahalik are two characters in the movie "Scary Movie 3". Actors Charlie Sheen and E. Anderson performed these roles.

Charlie Sheen is an American actor. In the beginning of his career he appeared in the films "Wall Street", "The Spirit of Vengeance", "Platoon".

Kevin Hart appeared in the film as CJ. Aunt Shanikia and Orfius also appear in the plot of the movie "Scary Movie 3". Actors Queen Latifah and E. Griffin performed these roles. Drew Mikuska appears in the picture as Coddi.

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